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You WanNa do differently for your business and your industry. It's such a competitive additive market. You know the automotive industry is so competitive And like I was telling you not too long ago. I was one of the things that I'm so impressed with Kelly. Only Comfort is the way you've been able to embrace other barbecue businesses and and share their stories or share their businesses or refer their business even to others right and so. I think that's something that I really love on how you did that with your business. And it's something definitely that I'm about as well so kind of sharing and referring and I mean there's enough money out there for everyone So yeah just just you know embracing competition embracing our competitors And and just being part of the industry as one sure yeah and I think I I mean that's a great discussion point. Is that you. You are a member of pro football fan associated and I think that's something that their ideals which are our fellowship. Sportsmanship and charity are things that I've always admired about you. and which is why. I'm so privileged that I was nominated by a you and Alvarez and Johnny Bull Pride and soup and D to become part of that organization but it's thirty two. NFL Fan bases that are all support. Each Other and the thing thing that we love we shouldn't have slide business sportsmen and charity and that's giving back and you know you never meet people like the leaders leaders in that organization that cares much as they do about their community in ways that it's for the owner. You know Steve Tape from the packers. It's not about the packers. Being the best he cares about every single race. You know until you go to Green Bay Lambofield and you feel the love that every every single one of those fans has for the visiting team I mean I remember going there with Scott. My cousin we went I think as far as last year and I had never been more impressed with the fan base of people that just wanted to talk about football right. It wasn't about talking about how bad the chargers were or how they were gonNA kick harass it was about talking about. Let's talk about fellowship. And why don't you come here and have a brought worst. Why don't you come here and you know? Just enjoy in robbery and Joyce for sure for sure so the whole like you said just being around all those people and the PF UFA has really elite taught me a lot of things as well and had a had a fellowship that goes on and These you know meet ups and gatherings and stuff often through social media just seeing Other fans from other teams and what they do with their communities and How they embrace you know a a team? That's coming in their fans and everything else and you grab that and and just apply to your business. I mean it's it's pretty awesome. It's it's so I'm very thankful for for PFA for sure on to me. A few things. without them even knowing about my business and how I should maybe apply some of those things to Af w. and you got elected to pro football fan association but then you became the NFL road warrior right. How Tell me about Alvarez Alvarez somebody that whole check check check check hold a special place in both of our hearts Kind of as the leader Godfather a bolt pride. The reason that he's one of the reasons why you and I have become so so such close friends. Yes so Alvarez is the glue to all of us I mean he's the reason why you know and Why we all met in the first place And so- Alvarez has Just he's just just a great. I look great dude man. He's The way he brings everyone together as one. It's pretty amazing. On how consistent he is with at the two phone calls after phone calls. Yeah it was just like Oh salvaged again. It's two o'clock and But yeah I mean I think one of the one of the most important things about PFA but also just about people that tailgate and we talked about this this before the podcast started recording. Is that like when you have tailgating in your blood you know vet that person no matter what will be there and if you say five. Am I am. That person will be there at four forty five. That's out those. Are The people that no matter what you know. We talked about. Scott Kaplan we've had on the PODCAST and back from the chargers. Were we're here and when mighty ten ninety would do remote location during the playoffs and Scott would ask. Who would he call? He would call Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez people he says I need some people over here five in the morning and sure enough Alvarez would call you and we're call Johnny Bolt Pride but those are the types types of call to action no matter what being there and being on time and being part of that fellowship being part of that Camaraderie. That is so important. And I found that you know the more than I've incorporated that into our business and what I've seen you do as well is that it's not. Oh Oh this is my personal life and this is my business life like this is my life and this is who I and this is your colleague and I'm fortunate that my wife my wife and my son and my daughter they're going to be a part of it as well right you know. They are a part of it. They let me do crazy. Shit that I do. Yeah go off the festivals. Lucky and life is amazing. As well you know she supports your dreams and your passions Russian's. Yeah what what do you see for the next stage for American factory wheels. What do you what do you want to accomplish in two thousand twenty so our next step yep is again just going back to the website is Being able to actually turn the website in two cells and And moving the whole business over or or you know. A A percentage of the business over to An ECOMMERCE Y- And so that's kind of my focus right now is just getting the website to actually work. Mark sure yeah to generate the sailing as you want to generate thousands. That's great and I think you know one of the things that were so excited to see his just wind win. Somebody like yourself a business. Owner business leader makes a commitment to create content. Right the possibilities these are endless right because storytelling and sharing what you do how you do it. I mean the fact that you know you let our team blew vision in behind the scenes stover. WHO's up in Portland is going to be able to write a blog post about your business and how you're making an impact? The possibilities are uh-huh I just wanted to be part of what you're doing. I respect you my brother at nine I respect for anyone that starts business in their garage. That list list lifts the story. And I mean what you've done for your family which we didn't get into you shared with me personally. I have so much respect for you as a mayor. Thank you and I know as somebody. That's also sober years and I congratulate you on your one year so so you've done a much better job in sharing that on facebook and instagram. Better than I have. Yeah I've shared it on this. PODCAST obviously alcoholics. Sports bar owner are. That's a recovery. That also goes to meetings in my bar. I've got two meetings a week in my car but Why spread even porter through just clarity? You know just clear is full hearts. Yeah every evening I mean to sobriety has really Changed my life is crazy to say but it really has just You know having a clear vision of what I WANNA do with the shop in my life in my marriage with my family And all my relationships you know It's just gave me that and it. It cleared everything all Josh. I can't thank you enough brother. It's been It's been so awesome. Just watching from Afar Arbat. Now you know letting us in sharing your story and I'm so excited to watch you. Change Change into so many people are going to be reaching out to you. This is the beginning. This is just to be the beginning. I know we haven't even started yet. which is the most exciting part Working People you they can find us at eighty seven forty forty five North Magnolia in the city of San Jose California or on all US Ramsey dot com and then instagram instagram instagram or handle is a FW underscore oem wheels and on twitter. Same handles w underscore AF wheels. That's perfect and and More on facebook as well facebook American factory wheel. We're GONNA put all those links and the show notes. Stover does an incredible job. Make sure to check out the show notes but also subscribe subscribe. Tell tell your friends about the podcast. And subtracted the Youtube Channel. We appreciate you brother thank. You can't wait twenty twenty my man breath.

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