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Gene uh uh uh uh uh big given the new viewed the world yes and coast to coast to nevarapine credit listening to the radio and people could get their degrees sloughed off by listening to the program i love that idea you know youth do hugh i say there is a reluctance of in the name drain the hair that news it now as there is such an effort to explain old hence the questions being asked what would have eli to raise a new generation of young people fit peel and powers in ways that they've been fearful in the past where with that so coast to coast university will degrade hand the world is changing being our leaders try to solve the problems of a new world with a way of thinking if i think it's obsolete don't believe outgrown wade we used to look at the world and think of ourselves and the new world is now demanding we upgrade our thinking we have to think differently than we ever has before here's stacy cohen with the daily consumer on xm satellite radio well the feds would like to see a little more neon line commission says no consumers the information they have collected about them you can hold your breath and wait for this to happen but it's not something we recommend should you have to turn over your facebook password is part of a job interview to you john thanks gene demanding a justice department investigation into what seems to be common practice these days what's the worst thing you can heart ailments while there is a new study it says it may be to eat highfat food avoiding in carbs is pretty.

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