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Who would you hire you. Hire somebody with a certification of also a knowledgeable. Do people one belt certified and one well knowledgeable without vacation. So who would you go for. What would be top process. I mean it doesn't have to be either awed. What's your thought process in hiding somebody. I would prefer that individual with the knowledge base over the certification. I think if somebody can demonstrate a working expert knowledge of the field. That's probably more important than a piece of paper but one thing. I would like to emphasize how difficult hiring process can be in today's day and age because you have thousands of people applying for work it's largely done electronically through automatic processing. Of course the issues and privacy that we address but the automatic processing implications of the job search are just awful. It's probably the least the least effective method of choosing an adequate an excellent employee by look by having a computer screen resumes looking for certifications and sadly. That's a lot of the way that it defaults to these days. It's pretty rare that you can identify somebody without the appropriate initials and letters on their resume because those people don't get passed through the automatic processing. None so my advice to people whether you're on the hiring side or whether you're an applicant looking for a role probably the best thing that either one of these two people can do to come together is to make every attempt possible at personal interactive networking. That's shaking of hands smiling. Interpersonal interactions whether it's online or off Because that's really the truth the true way that you can gauge someone's personnel. Ready their personal skills. That's the true way that you can gauge their ability to communicate effectively on a particular subject the face to face interaction. You're not gonna get that from a resume. You're not going to get that from a linked in profile. You're not going to get that from a pcp certification so truly. I think that the most effective way to bring employer and employee together is again through personal networking and i just wish..

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