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Structured Online Trading Academy. He's the brains of the operation, he? Was shedding some light on how to generate, more money in our retirement, accounts and in our income counts whether the markets are going up down. Or whether the markets are going sideways and it's always we've talked about this a bunch of times it's always that, that type of approach or we say it's always? That three pronged approach right the, market has three directions and so to. Have consistent income to generate consistent income in the markets we have to have that consistent. Strategy that's not market dependent or directional dependent you know a lot of the situations that the average investor is in is like buying hold and hold is directionally dependent it only. Makes money when the market. Is going up when the market's going down or when. The markets are going sideways it's like that income stream or it's. Like if you looked at our retirement account like as an employee or a job right. The strength generating income it's like he got. Laid off right because it's not functioning and even even worse not just. Getting laid off but it's also possibly contracting shrinking. As the markets are are going lower But Larry a lot of our listeners are new the markets right there just, looking to get started off on the right foot and many are you know. A mini, have been investing for a little while and just not quite reaching their goals and there's a group really out. There as well that's been trading for a while they're doing fairly well and they're just looking to add a couple of. Points a year worth of return into their, portfolio what's kind of the combined message, or or individual messages whichever direction you, want? To take it the, that you that you wanna share, with? Those with those individuals who are getting started, or doing or have been, doing this for a little while they can really help keep them up Keep that head. In the right direction, well when you come to the half day clash going to be welcomed by, a tremendous amount of, people who are really, engaged to helping, you become successful as a traitor and what you'll learn. During, that half day classes the right, way? To trade like the institution banks. Do you also learn that by making small, adjustments? To maybe, your current trading could lead to some. Big results that you didn't even expect new waste magnetically attract traits that you never knew existed, avoiding.

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