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All right happy guy all right well i am very happy i got to say so usually when i mention promotion relegation andrew responds like this i can't do can't yeah it's the new var for me or the var is the new promotion relegation yet you just can't do it but this is kind of a little bit of a different take on that i saw this today on twitter and it blew my mind and it's from kevin blundell who works for bt sports in the united kingdom and he suggests that this is insane stat and it really is a ready for this one yeah no team not him that was promoted to any of the top five divisions in england in twenty sixteen twenty seventeen has been relegated and 2017 credibility ching not even the primarily that came up sixteen seventeen not in the championship not men league one league to are the vajna rama national league which used to be the vauxhall conference known of those teams that came up sixteen seventeen have gone down this season and seventeen eighteen i have got to just i i read it and i was i can't believe this can't be true but it is true so to the naysayers for promotion relegation in the united states who say oh well you know what these teams will just come up and they'll go straight back down well not really so my hats are off my men of the match are teams of the match everybody who came up and sixteen seventeen in the top five divisions of english football i offer my cap to users that's that's well said and you know what that leads seamlessly into my man of the match sort of it's one of the teams that did go down at the expense of the teams that stayed up but still my man of the match goes to west brom manager darren more yes they did end up getting relegated but the fact that it took this long for it to actually happen a testament to the man he took over from alan pardew back on april second in the five game since he's taken eleven points from a possible fifteen they were unbeaten in that stretch three wins and two draws.

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