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You know, East German secret police guy. He's a bad man. He's a killer. He's a murderer. He's a communist. They're all they're all like that. And so we got that going for us. Also, today is Flag Day. Did you know that today is Flag Day? And in honor of flag Day, you know the Democrats are doing. They're coming out with a 51 star flag because they want to steal two seats in the Senate. That's how Third World Banana Republic corrupt They are. That's how left wing there the Democrat Party. They're joining up a 51 star flag because, yeah, just statehood for D. C. It's the Democratic thing to do Men. They're smoking joints, too. And it's of course, the most undemocratic thing you could possibly come up. It's a corrupt effort of power grab as usual by the Democrats, like, you know, packing the Supreme Court. D C and Puerto Rico State because they figure they get to guaranteed forever left wing lunatic, uh, senators from D C in the United States Senate, and then you know, it's like packing. The Senate is really the thing here. It's an extremely corrupt party, Today's Democrat Party. I used to be a Democrat. Long ago, My dear departed mother was a wonderful Democrat. Should have nothing to do with this party. Again the Democrat Party today. That's what they're doing for Flag Day. 51 star flag This is their This is their thing, And it's amazing. You know, John F. Kennedy was a Democrat. He wouldn't be allowed in the Democratic Party today. They chase him out so fast that he wouldn't even know what hit him The Democratic Party on the political spectrum. Are you familiar with the political spectrum? On the political spectrum. Today's Democratic Party is actually closer. Interesting scientists. Scientists have proved that the Democratic Party is closer on the political spectrum today to Lee Harvey Oswald. Then the Democratic Party is to John F. Kennedy say they've been galloping to the left there. Not also there the anti Israel Party and the pro Hamas party. They're closer on the political spectrum to Sirhan Sirhan. Than they are to Robert F. Kennedy as well, You know, Bobby Kennedy. It's an amazing thing. But it is Flag Day. And CBS News has the story today, attacking Betsy Ross, saying that she didn't make the first flag is probably a person of color. I think it was Probably, you know, PLC, probably President. Colour made the first man, not Betsy Ross. And the Democrats are one of 51 star flag because they're so filthy, corrupted and rotten to the core, and they they want to steal two seats in the Senate by making DC estate. That's the only thing that they've been sitting here for, You know, 247 years. And they and you know, don't worry about that. Um, that D C. Statehood was never an issue, but now they want to pack the Senate and that's whether we're talking about this. Speaking of the Democratic Party, They they, you know they left. They've been seizing control of school boards across the country. I've actually been talking about the school board phenomenon. The school board factor for as long as I've been doing talk radio 15 years now. And you know, the school boards have been seized by radicals across the country, not just in Virginia, but certainly a lot of them in Virginia, and we've got some sort of Loudon County, Fairfax County. Really extremist and radical anti American racist left wing stuff. They're not liberals. They're they're leftists, and that's a completely different thing. Leftists or anything but liberal. They're leftists. And I'm much more liberal than these leftists are because I believe in freedom for people, and I believe you should. You know, I may disagree with what you have to say. But I'll fight to the death for your right to say it. The left doesn't believe that they they think you know that you should just die and shut up before you do. But we'll get into that because of Fairfax County they had and this is again. I've been gone for a week, but last weekend they had a graduation ceremony. And their graduation speaker as an extremist and a radical and and a racist and anti American, and they all clapped politely as they had this woman who is a member of the school board. Come out and condemn the United States, America and capitalism and individualism and liberty and freedom and called for Jihad. She's a Muslim woman. She I'm serious. She called for jihad with the the Children graduating from what used to be Jeb Stuart High School and is now just high school. They use the words, but they don't know what they mean. She's an anti Semite, um, virulent anti Israel activists, and she was chosen to be the commencement speaker at the at the graduation. And we have some of that for you. Also a wonderful woman in Loudon County. There's a bit of an insurrection going on at the school board in Loudon County because of the extremism. Being demonstrated by the By the school board there and their radical and you know if you want to know why Children are sleeping in their own feces in parks in America and chanting where the 99% and Death to capitalism and all this stuff look no further than the school boards from coast to coast and the curricula that they have inflicted upon A once great and God fearing nation. Yeah, And she also said, we're one nation under Allah this, uh, this Fairfax County speaker. Remarkable stuff. But a wonderful woman stood up at the Loudon County School board meeting and told the truth about critical race theory, and Democrats don't have to listen to her. Even though she's black. She's black woman and a wonderful American. A normal person. A thinking person. We've got her for you.

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