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Roller Bax and south west let's customers check, two bags for free this traveler says a lot Passengers were turned off by the concept of no carry-ons I get it I get it I see a. Lot of comments about the carry-on bags and online and people complain about. It and, pain. Pain, for that I've experienced that a little bit in my. Life he says bringing back the carry-on is probably a good idea for. American capitalist marketplace right you gotta do you gotta do to be competitive I feel like a lot of money to be made in the air so whatever. You gotta do the airline says that amid rising fuel prices and fierce competition in the industry it hopes to see a boost in revenue by. Allowing carry-on bags, on its basic economy flights Americans reporting a second quarter. Plunge in profits of more than thirty percent but it still topped expectations, it posted earnings this week of five hundred sixty. Six million dollars and revenue, of eleven point six, four, billion for the quarter which is in line with projections but. Executives hope the new kerryon policy that takes effect in. September will be a positive for the company I'm Clayton Neville soon to be eight till John Stolnis has. Friday sports good morning John well we'll. Start off on the diamond Where in Boston Kyle Gibson and the Minnesota Twins caused the Red Sox to lose a game in the AL. Standings to the. New York Yankees. Last night Gibson struck out seven and tossed a four hitter over, eight innings of work in the twins two two one. Win Boston now hold a four and a half. Game lead, over the Bronx bombers in the division as the Yankees beat the Kansas, City? Royals last night seventy two Didi gregorius with a? Three run home run however the team is going to have to do. Without one of its best, power hitters for a few weeks Aaron judge has a chip fracture in his, right wrist after being hit by a fastball in the first inning it won't require surgery but he is expected to miss three weeks the team earlier this week put, all star catcher Gary Sanchez. On the disabled list as well elsewhere Michael Francke resod skins and Nick Williams Egypt two of the, Phillies team record seven home runs in a nine four defeat, of the reds in Cincinnati the fills now two and a half games ahead of Atlanta in the National. League east as rich hill limited the Braves to three hits over seven. Shutout innings, to. Lead, the dodgers eight to two route Of Atlanta Manny Machado belted his first Homer. Since. Being acquired by the dodgers LA now one and a half games ahead of second-place Arizona in the nationally, west, as they fell to. The cubs Anthony Rizzo ended his twenty-five game homeless streak with a walk off shot in the bottom of the ninth to complete Chicago's rally over the d backs seven to six the as finished up. Before, game sweep is Matt Chapman homered and tripled twice.

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