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Exploding hover board takes the life of a two year old pennsylvania girl in harrisburg and do it we can replace or smarts us in the loss of little a shot on today fox of philly reporter felix rodriguez lima says it gets even more tragic as responding firefighters also what killed line accused drunk driver kanye kendall we've learned of the death of harrisburg fire lieutenant dennis to bo he was a twenty one year veteran the harrisburg bureau a fire he was trying to make is way over to the scene here on lexington streak to fight this fire to help his fellow firefighters here in that fire fight police say kendall was actually driving a stolen car at the time of the hidden run crash he faces a litany of charges including attempted vehicular manslaughter i should say d you why as well as other charges of course now that the fire lieutenant dennis devote has passed away could see that there might be further charges added to that list investigation of the fire is also ongoing could be winters last hurrah most oh storm bearing parts a tennessee in north carolina overnight elsewhere millions of minorities are preparing to get walloped in the coming days widespread married one or storm watches and encompassing that is that legit watch how man out long island our new york eighty how the new york announcement closed other connecticut meteorologist brian early national weather service some areas could get a foot us now president obama frame praise for a secret service and they did a fantastic job is sceptre a california maclin over the white house fence this week and that was quickly apprehended says the administration works to sell the house republican planned replays obama care of ordering every american to my health insurance with a wanted it or not was never the right solution for healthcare in.

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