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Radio twelve ten w. t. police, say a college. Student twenty year old Michael white is officially charged with murder after that stabbing death of a prominent, Philadelphia real, estate developer Thirty-seven-year-old Sean. Challenger the owner of streamline solutions was stabbed to. Death following some kind of an altercation late Thursday night just blocks from Rittenhouse square so this is a still developing story, we had covered when it happened and then there was a. Manhunt for a suspect will now Michael White's family Michael white young college student who has been arrested his family says he's a Maryland college student who was home on break, working as an Uber bicycle delivery. Person food delivery person who's never ever been in trouble they, say there's, more to, the, story, so, they're, just, trying to wrap their brain around what in the world happened they say he was. Always a good kid never in trouble Meantime a vigil is planned tomorrow for the victims lane real estate. Developer and community member prominent community member Thirty-seven-year-old Sean challenger we do have, some consumer news here Amazon's website ran into some snags today if you haven't, already encountered this much hyped prime day so it's. An embarrassment for the tech company on the shopping holiday that it actually, created so shoppers clicking on many prime, day lengths got only in a bash looking very. Adorable dog with the words uh-huh something. Went wrong on our end so many taking to social media to complain that. They could not order the items they want. We'll be extended I want to make tomorrow that's I think that's the big question will they extend. It because they have all these deals with whole foods and they're establishing the relationship where you're getting ten percent. Off. Your prime member all that good stuff so that's the that's the big question here amazing that company does not make a profit. By the way How about that Well but it returns, money to shareholders which is. A beautiful thing And I love it, I'm a huge fan yeah, I'm a fan, I have to admit but people on social media I mean go it's if you look at it and people are. Going nuts over this and. They, should, a little dogs are cute that was. A cute idea say. Oh you can't get mad at. The dog you can't eyewitness. Weather can't get mad at the weather tomorrow will down a bit. So tomorrow is eighty nine degrees and cloudy and stormy and rainy but the payoff is the rest. Of the week, is gorgeous made eighties with a lot of sunshine so, tomorrow we we pay for the, rest of the weeks sunshine With the..

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