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O K and Beth Myers. We know more about that murder suicide. But we don't know why do we know not yet? But we do know the man who was at the focus of the murder suicide did spend time in prison. I'm Beth Myers. The NewsRadio one thousand Katie okay news center. And again, we have more information today after checking court records on this man who was involved in this apparent murder-suicide in Payne county. Here's KT okays Calvin right now with more the Lincoln county man whose body was found Monday along with the bodies. It was two young daughters in an apparent murder-suicide had previously spent time in prison. Forty-one-year-old Jackie boils junior had previous convictions for stalking and drug charges and then twenty eight a judge had ordered Voyles. Undergo a mental health evaluation boils released from prison in January twenty eleven he was seeking custody was one year old daughter in a judge had issued an order for a paternity test. At Tulsa woman is now in jail on murder and. Arson charges after she allegedly choked another woman to death and then set the body on fire police found the body yesterday and a house where they located twenty six year old. Jessica McBride with lighter fuel still at our hand as of yet police haven't been able to identify the victim the number of flu deaths in Oklahoma now up to sixty five with more than twenty six hundred people hospitalized, according to the centers for disease control and prevention flu activity in the United States has decreased slightly but remains elevated, and it's five months in federal prison for a Texas man who installed credit card skimming devices on gas pumps in the Newcastle area in order to steal People's Credit card information twenty-five-year-old Miguel bay Harare. No of Irving Texas was sentenced today in Muskogee federal court. He went on to create new credit cards with the information that he stole. And then he used the credit cards to get cash out of ATM's at the Windstar and border casinos in Vacaville at thirty one year old man writing. Bicycle overnight was struck by a vehicle near north west sixteenth and Classen, and according to Oklahoma City police Master Sergeant Gary night, the driver didn't stop when officers arrived. They discovered a man lying in the roadway critically injured. He'd been on a bicycle the bicycle was struck by vehicle, the driver of the vehicle simply kept right on going right now police are trying to obtain surveillance footage from the area to try to identify the vehicle and the driver of the Oklahoma is reporting that the bike rider Thirty-one-year-old. Chad epilepsy was taken to the hospital with severe head injuries. It's not every day. We hear about somebody trying to smuggle steaks and homemade potato skins into a prison. But that's exactly what a Cherokee county woman is accused of doing the Oklahoma department of corrections says what Kanda Jackson had those items that are vehicle outside the dick CONNER Correctional Center and hominy. But that's not what got her in trouble. She also had marijuana liquid THC and a cell phone in her vehicle. And then when they searched her house in town. Alachua they seized more drugs and four thousand dollars in cash. Thanks to what Oklahoma City police. Call some great tips from concerned citizens a man who robbed two convenient stores that gunpoint. Early Monday is now in custody. Police arrested nineteen year old Tanner miles yesterday near south west fifty first and independence, and they call them the early riser Robert because he robbed the two stories around seven o'clock in the morning from the t-, okay weather center. And the four warn storm team a low tonight and the low forties.

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