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The wider challenge you song is going to bring out the challenge is walking way up there aw scare the shit out of jesus christ god. They like you song so much more than they like me. Do they do use long. Does something very funny to after we came home from ben's chili bowl he was like oh. I'm feeling so bad from this ben's chili bowl. Are you guys. How do you feel about the show. I in both like talkative built for this. You told them your. I eat trash c._k._c. Jeb a clear plastic cup with liquid in front of you. I have it as well but i do know what this is. Go ahead and tell us know what you are seeing and sensing. It looks very colour looking drink. It looks like a cola. They go ahead and taste it. It tastes weird. It tastes like a cola left. It tastes like a diet cola cola for sure taste the aspirin it has a very very very very strong aspartame after taste which is great name for like a punk band <hes> presidential cola or something. Did you get like trump colour for god's sakes. There are no lifelines weicker challenge us your senses this right off the bat. Don't like it don't like get i don't know. I don't think it's that good i want to say can i guess go ahead please. I want to say this just this. I'm sure i'm wrong by diet. Pepsi s. carlos guests diet pepsi. Go ahead and angle. Here's what i think. I think everybody's dancing around. This fact which is that is probably what he said which is like presidential because because we're in d._c. And presidential on point so presidential coal is your guests. That was my guess wasn't it. Yes it's my guest angles gaffe breath presidential cola. Go ahead mitch. I i liked presidential cola. You're both saying presidential. Coal is present your colo real. I don't wanna get so jealous on one thing. That's not real real congressional cola in my pepsi stand for presidential enough people see it the diet diet. It's a diet cola. I have no idea what i don't know. <hes> is our our c. r. c. because it's close to d._c. R._c. diet ice r._c. Cola ted cruz aw i am torn on who do award the victory to hear. You're right mitch..

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