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This from the very beginning i wasn't i knew how much money donald trump put campaign i said one hundred thirty thousand it can do a couple of checks for one hundred thirty dollars when i heard this is this is where it gets sloppy because what he's saying here is in precise what he's saying here is not really relevant how much money the president has put in a campaign it's a different pull the money you can't use campaign funds for quote unquote hush money and notice hush money hush money so every nondisclosure act i guess fobs hush money then it's a contract stormy daniels signed a contract she received a payment later she hired a lawyer and decided well i don't think the contract is legitimate that's the essentials it's not an in kind contribution i'm so sick of the insanity and the absurdity that is being spewed but this bit of imprecise language was not particularly helpful go ahead retainer of thirty five thousand when he was doing no work for the president that's how it was repaying that's how we do you might say oh my god you can't pay for doing no of course you can he's paying the lawyer if i'm falling giuliani to pay down the payment that he made coen's not ensnared in anything i don't care if they bring charges against moore whatever they're wrong he was not ensnared in anything and trump wasn't ensnared in anything so it's not a murder suicide oh these clever fortune cookie lines he's got you know they write them down so when the tv cameras i got a line right any lines down i may take a few notes saying make sure you touch on this this this because i think it's important to present this the american people they may not know but i don't quote right down one liners either.

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