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Astros for raise one back to Houston day plumbing engine boat okay mark tested sure thank you very much is demand Choi and raise will come up against your cold here in the fourth inning trailing four to one the two teams of testing was talking about and ready to start the National League Championship Series tomorrow nationals the cardinals both went on the road in one decisive game five that's what the rays are trying to do well hold different kind of challenge when you're freezing your cold tea banh chuoi goes to blunt and the pitches called strikes even though it takes off the gloves and now they're not and rolls away jury showed but pulled back back to the strike Alex Bregman the third baseman playing at the shortstop position in joy look down there to okay if I could drop wouldn't get on get on anyway I can try to create the draft and a bit and then he pulled the bat back I I would be a good flight I think if you did it news events it is up on a wave of fashionable in ninety seven miles an hour for strike out so far be the first three innings for Gerrit Cole I enjoyed our conversation with G. man Choi and is sharper before the game especially when you asked him is Sam Sam helped us out one one pitch it is I sure able to and I think my favorite question is when you ask them what is the difference between first base here at minute maid Anna Tropicana any said you the smell of the dirt and I got a tape was one of the funniest answers I think I've ever heard in baseball I actually loved I definitely was not expecting that answer from G. man choice two one bit is outside for free sometimes we ask that question because like here at minute maid you get the big windows maybe the vision from first base is a little different there's a reflection something like that the lights are positioned differently you never know maybe there is a little quirk that you could find something that a G. man choice well the jerk smells different here's the three one any grounds one where nobody is pasted into left field there was nobody at third and G. bad choice here the right there so he is on bass for the second straight time that's a leadoff base runner for the rays here on the top of a four four one in Houston it'll be Travis d'arnaud coming up we asked him okay switch those different what is its melody goes I don't know but it smells weird yeah I I honestly that was not the first base after that to try to spell to see if there was anything you get any then I came to the realization that the sense of humor which I actually love by the way choice now been on base six of his last seven plate appearances here's a swing wildly Travis d'arnaud when I pray you must've been gas in there the stronger the first pitch slider that was well off the outsider were strike one Mr no hit the ball pretty hard his first time up a wider to center field is caught by George Springer sis's second at bat against your goals already up to forty seven pitches he throws and misses with a slider I think for the rays of big part of the game plan tonight is just to make your cold not is really just stand there and take pictures to make him work as hard as possible to get him out of the game as soon as possible if they do that the whole feel of the game is going to change well the interesting part is strategically Kevin cash tells a centers I want you to be aggressive against cold your best chance to hit him is going to be early in the count and yet if you could work the count deeper got a better chance of getting out of the game I'll take a fastball right there in ninety nine so it's kind of a conundrum for this team to kind of figure out the that they want to hear you gotta go early but if you could work in like like join us in this game you got a better shot at this the party you would see the parts ray seals the win the the game increases dramatically any other guy who's already hit a home run tonight on deck in Eric Sogard runner first nobody wanted to cut out the door no the pets is a curve bounce file on the third base side it's four one Houston and that is sort of the whole piece of this this game is still in stock decided and for the race they feel like they have a huge advantage the moment that the Astros have to get into the bullpen if the game is close the rays are confident they are and they're both pain is much deeper and stronger than Houston's in Houston is not look good in this series outside will hear to the cab here's the pitch it is how old straight back and out of play that was a good cut by Travis d'arnaud against the jury pool fastball one thing that I'm noticing Jim may it may not mean anything but your calls body let you looks a little frustrated with some of these fast balls and I think he's trying to go up that pitch is not exploding up in quite the same way that's not to say he's vulnerable but I don't think he's thrilled right now with that fastball command twenty two years is Beth it is not a medicine that was up a fastball just beautifully branded for strike three the fifth year of goals like yeah hold this for doing the broadcast booth show declining ninety seven right near the top is over your right the last couple of innings his fastball I've been probably two or three inches below what he normally does he loves to live with that for sema right at the top of his own like he did right there the punch I don't know that's exactly the way he wants to do it Travis d'arnaud is on number once a year so garden swung at the first pitch he saw for Gerrit Cole and headed over the right field wall and it was a very important swing for the rays and their hopes in this game after the gut punch of the bottom of the first inning with the Astros scored for an out of four nothing lead the next pitch the call through it was for one the reserve several incidents that swing the pitchers so guard is very high Paul one he tried something different maybe a change up there and missed badly with the how about the scene now three but for those with that two pitches in live game action since the third week of September in the starting lineup in game five winner take all the amazing the **** the pharmacist went straight back you know it's a very young inexperienced team needed to a game of this magnitude in the game five nights that affected like Eric Sogard who has the slow heartbeat has the experience and is a contact hitter and that's the key here against call the other choices brain allows always a threat to go yard but he looked so we'll match against whole back in game two that I understand this decision children is not overmatched she did show some power this year when he was healthy the one one he swings and misses I was a ninety mile an hour I guess who's a slider who's going to reddit eleven one runs in his career coming into this year yet thirteen this season a lot of players out there career highs in the lower house of the nineteen that is to take advantage of the circumstance yes choice delivers one hour window to search you can hold two so go ahead you say oversee on deck the sequences over these he said and a bit so guards that was the slider and that isn't available eighty nine miles an hour driving down it is six right now it's down for full two one the last fall still on the slider one on the one on the jeans I just love the fact that he can throw any of his four pages that anytime and you get two strikes on he will punch you out with any of them also if you like the symmetry so much if you think he's listening to us up here I think you should send a message so what is you need a change of a curve ball strike out the even things out yes I feel I feel a lot better if you could do that use Garcia forty one Astros run refers to down after the lead off single by G. band choice sniffer the dirt as he leads away from first being held by jury L. the fifth is Currer taken for a ball by Garcia it is the month where stars rise and legends are born following OB on Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube all proceeds along to follow all of the action it feels like a postseason gym where the legend of beer coal could be cemented forever and he is already a huge store everybody in baseball knows how great this guy is but he's got a chance to do something different responses he does and then he has a chance to do something different in the off season when he will become the highest paid pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball I would think he's a good guy to be friends with these days who's going to sign a monster contract whatever this season is over and he has learned and I think it's seven or eight year deal around thirty five to thirty seven million the year might not get it done and the teams are going to line up because you can't get twenty nine year old number one a starters Mike garafolo just absolute dominance another job to Garcia here's the pitch Garcia files one of behind home plate swinging back mounted on a but it's gonna rescind seats were strike and one of the things that separates Colin's it just the fact that he's got a nasty stuff pitch ability this is bad gets up the best hitters but it's just make up his character it's his presence in the clubhouse it's how hard he studies how hard he works his work ethic preparing for game watching video studies every team wants that kind of base that kind of leader that makes your other pictures around you better and it's not the other pitchers in the game don't do those things most of them do but it's another level with this guy it is one one pitch Garcia two eight seven good take on the slider off the outside wall to the resort making him work that's not to say that he's going to be out of his game anytime soon he's not his sixtieth pitch of the night but he's not through the fourth inning memories you have instant determinate bats despite your cold bring in his eight game again here tonight yeah the Astros leave for one with two outs in the fourth inning of the sale goes he's got a lot of power the pitch he it's a comeback you're right back to pull off balance against the slider one of the neighborhood the reading area yet another standing ovation as he comes off the value big databases loud wait till it builds and builds and since the days along with your call this guy number one right down here in Houston rule three and a half at minute maid park you deem filed the Astros leading the race for one this is the American League division series on ESPN radio ESPN app presented by all those of I hate.

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