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Lanes of southbound I five or blocked for hours this morning after a semi truck crashed and overturned near Tom water. Its contents powdered milk trooper John Matisse says this happened near milepost ninety nine semi truck losing. In control and coming through the center concrete jersey barrier in two southbound lanes causing a secondary collision as you might imagine powdered milk on the wet roads may for quite a mess to clean up we're bracing for a closure of highway ninety nine through Seattle in January and komo's Charlie Harker tells us a few ramps are going to be closed a week earlier than expected the whole viaduct the angel Lada shuts down January eleventh, but if we're mingling metaphors been two of the ramps think of them as the rice and beans on this plate those ramps. Shut early January fourth Laura newborn is with the state DOT posing the Atlantic street offramp. That's southbound ninety nine and the Royal Brome on ramp for northbound ninety nine and the reason we are doing this is to make sure we can complete the work needed in that area in time for the tunnel to open three weeks after the vita closed crews need to dig out part of the tunnel in that section the spicy commute in January is likely to give the city heartburn new. Born says now's the time to ask your boss if you can Telecommute or work off hours. Charlie Harger, KOMO news more from arena rock to talk about which you know, she struggles every day to find some sort of information, right? Marina every ten minutes on the fours. Yes. Already have enough traffic issues. Do we do? Fortunately, the viaduct is decent right now. I wouldn't say it's awesome are wide open. But it's decent. And we do have problems on highway ninety nine both directions. We're kind of right in the downtown core. We do still have a blocking problem on fifty first avenue southbound lanes approaching highway five eighteen in the seatac area. The right lane is blocked. It's still really solid traffic. Southbound four zero five on the east side from five twenty coal creek and not effects westbound I ninety from one forty eight th to four zero five both bridges tough westbound across lake Washington right now and northbound four zero five leaving Bellevue is going to be very slow through Kirkland all the way up to the five to two interchange. From an earlier collision we have in the Auburn area eastbound highway eighteen at the west valley highway the left lane blocked, so it's stop and go traffic from Pacific highway your next KOMO traffic at.

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