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36 King County executive Dow Constantine has issued an emergency proposal to prevent gun violence after a string of shootings over the last week. The emergency budget would invest more than a million dollars for more case managers and life coaches. To strengthen communities that would also expand the regional peacekeepers collective that leads the county's gun violence prevention efforts. During the first quarter of this year, 69 people were victims of gun violence in King County. The county says the vast majority of those victims are young men and minorities was Holly Menino and arrest in one cold case in McCleery has investigators looking for possible ties to the unsolved murder of Lindsay Bomb. Now the greatest Harbor County Sheriff's office confirms that it's investigating a possible link between bombs case and an arrest that was just made in a 2000 and three case more from almost Tammy Matassa. Six years before 10 year old Lindsay bomb vanished in the small town of McCleery Grays Harbor. Sheriff's deputies say Paul Beaker is suspected of abducting and raping a 17 year old girl in the same town pretty smaller and to have two kidnappings and such a small area. Obviously, that raises our concerns, Investigators. Say in 2000 and three beaker abducted the girl after she came home from work bounder and threw her in her own car. Deputies say after he raped the teenager. He drove her near her house and then left her in the car. She got free and escaped. These are very unpredictable, scary traumatic incidences that you know, In this case, we were fortunate that she was able to return home. In 2020 investigators uploaded the suspect DNA into a genetic genealogy database, and it was narrowed down to beakers. Relatives. Almost Tammy Matassa reporting Lindsey bombs remains are found in eastern Washington, eight years after she disappeared. Eastern Washington congresswoman Cathy McMorris. Rodgers has introduced legislation to ensure that victims of a major disaster get immediate help from the federal government. The bill is called the Maldon Act, named for the town of Maldon, which was Destroyed by wildfire last year, details from GMOs Carlene Johnson, the legislation would automatically approved requests for a major disaster declaration if a president doesn't act within 30 days, and would require the Federal Emergency Management Agency to work more closely with local emergency officials. If it is denied this issue became politicized when President Donald Trump held up federal aid for months. The suggestion was. He did that because Governor Jay Inslee had criticized him at Labor Day Fire consumed 80% of the homes in Maldon and neighboring Pine City. It was weird. It was surreal. It was like you can't believe how fast the winds were out of control. After taking office, President Joe Biden approved the request for aid to help local governments rebuild but denied a separate request for individual assistance. McMorris Rodgers is introducing the bill near the start of what seems like another devastating fire season. Spokesman Review reports Nearly I'm Million acres have already burned this year across the country. Carlene Johnson Comeau News school districts have been hit by a barrage of ransomware attacks the school year and the attacks lockup school computer systems until the district pays ransom. It's been happening all over the country and Centennial School District had to shut down classes for two weeks over the spring after a cyber attack. This is communications officer for the Oregon district, telling our partners at K two that they plan to invest in new protections over the summer. It's not the thing people really want to spend money on until something like this happens. Last month, the Clover Park school district was targeted The crooks posting Clover Park You've been hacked, pay or grief sensitive information will be shared to the public. The data locked up by cyber thieves often includes the personal information of teachers staff students, which can then translate into quite a payout for hackers if they were to sell that to identity thieves. Local news time. 1 40 time for an update on sports from the Beacon Plumbing Sports Desk. Golf's best players prepare for a tough test at the US Open, picturesque Torrey Pines in La Hoya, California, the site of golf's third major this year, Jordan Spieth won the 2015 U. S Open at Chambers Bay in Pierce County, and he's ready for the fast greens and deep rock around the greens. It's wicked. I mean, you Spotters are going to have to really be on their game because around the greens, you can hit some shots, you know, five ft. Off the edge of the green and really have to look hard to find your ball speed tees off on number 10 tomorrow afternoon. Defending Champ Rice Andy Shambo paired with Masters winner Hideki Matsuyama. Southpaw Justice Sheffield gets the call for the Mariners tonight at home as they go for a sweep over the Minnesota Twins. Seattle broke out the wood last night, cracking three home runs in a 10 to nothing. Victory win tonight would pull them even 500 for the season. The L A Clippers star Kawai Leonard's knee injury, keeping him out of tonight's Game five of the NBA playoff at Utah..

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