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Stop the music news. 97.1, Wash them is playing another great eighties throwback. You plug in the memory. Well. Catch. Something. You admit when you're wrong, which is hard to do. You're actually one of the smart ones. Being aware that you're incorrect about something is incredibly important As a personality trait. People more intellectually humble, are better. Accessing stick to their principles once they establish him, so you never did you wrong? You show less integrity and humility that those would admit with incorrect But just so you know you're never wrong for spending your morning with us Kay Weekend show. She could shape Wait. Wait. Here's one of today's biggest songs. It's Gabby buried with Charlie. Poof, I hope on 97.1, wash. FM. She makes you smile away. Your name is on the other end of a phone in the middle of a highway job. Oh, no, baby. Your song to sing and get your thinking about her last seven miles down into a blur. Show's been into him pick from a friend hang onto a girl to just throw it and hope. Stay upon it all waiting by the phone. And then he calls baby. I You working?.

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