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Key word talk. another former you official targeted by a student good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the Kitty okay you Sir this is Oklahoma's first new year's summer temps holding on for one more day our forecast is coming up a search warrant filed by the Oklahoma state bureau of investigation is looking for email from former university of Oklahoma vice president trip hall to and you student the war it includes emails and social media accounts the student accuses hall of performing a sex act on the student holds attorney says the student is lying and former you president David Boren says hall was either in the hospital or bedridden at home when the student alleges the assault happened the U. S. equal employment opportunity commission is suing a temporary staffing agency and a manufacturing facility in Norman Jim foresight has the story the EEOC alleges managers at Johnson controls fired a female employee who complain she was sexually harassed by a coworker Johnson controls manufactures rooftop air conditioning units at its Norman plant also named in the lawsuit is manpower group US which provides employees for Johnson controls the EEOC is says it seeking monetary damages enhanced anti discrimination training and the posting of notices at the work site hunter Biden's business dealings continue to pose problems for his father former VP and twenty twenty democratic presidential front runner Joe Biden and his twenty twenty campaign mark Meredith has that story hunter Biden is no stranger to controversy the focus these days is on his decision in twenty fourteen to join the board of directors of bereavement a Ukrainian natural gas company last month now candidate Biden denied any involvement in his son's affairs.

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