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To see the child while Adams staff patiently denied the existence of the devil. Baby the US the story to begin conversations with their visitors gently broaching the subject of Monsters. They might be facing in their own. Lives the fable of the cruel husband. Bringing down divine punishment on his family resonated most with women who had survived domestic abuse or destitution due to their husbands struggles with addiction while women were the primary sources of the devil tail groups of men sometimes stopped by as well. Jane addams believed they came for similar reasons to the women reminding themselves of the dangers of straying from the right path as she wrote in the Atlantic magazine in one thousand nine hundred numbers of men came by themselves one group from a neighboring factor on their own time offered to pay twenty five cents a half dollar two dollars a piece to see the child insisting that it must be at Hull House because the women folks had seen it to my query as to whether they supposed we would exhibit for money. A poor little deformed baby if one had been born in the neighborhood they replied sure why not and it teaches a good lesson to they added as an afterthought or perhaps as a concession to the strange moral standards of a place like Hull House. The use of the urban legend as a vehicle for therapeutic technique was typical for Jane Addams. She was a pioneer when it came to her priority to listen to the poor and abused instead of condescending to them providing resources to build self-determined communities that persist to this day. It is these people first principles that became the basis for her work as the first woman president of the National Conference of social work and as a supporter of the founding of the ACP and the ACLU many haunted places are visually ominous and inherently tragic. Derelict abandoned the sights of horrific murders. Are Tragic suicides. Hull House is none of those things while it appears on several Chicago ghost tours. The building is now affiliated with the University of Illinois Chicago Museum to the legacy of Jane. Addams enter work at Hull House. It's a legacy that should be celebrated the advocacy and services at Hull House led to public policy changes on a state and national scale when it comes to Public Health Education Fair Labor practices and children and Immigrants Rights Jane addams herself was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Nineteen thirty-one. Adams was a true innovator when it came to helping the living but even she couldn't help but dead..

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