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Accusing you gang rape. All of those are crimes or they're not. They are never going to get my reputation back. It's my my wife is totally. Permanently. Authored would you just don't give up? I'm not giving up the American people. The American people are listening to this and they will make their decision. And I think you'll come out on the right side of that. I will always be a good person. And try to be a good judge. Whatever happens. This is not a job interview. You've been accused of a crime. If you lied to the committee and the investigators that is a crime in and of itself. Correct. That is correct. Larry Arnn, your reaction bet exchange saying that we've come to McCarthyism we have come to the low point of despicable process. So. General point about this. First of all, what does it take to have constitutional government? Among the things is the people who operate in that budget in that government to have respect for the system in which they operate and the first thing to note about this thing, let me give you counterexample. I in nineteen Forty-five socialist got their first majority against Winston Churchill, and he had warned all his life that if you went that way you'd end up with. Stop. Oh. With some kind of government in the forty five Gestapo. And so then there arose immediately in his caucus. He was the leader of the opposition the outcry that they got forty eight percent of the popular vote did these socialist. But they got more than sixty percent of the seats and Churchill said, we're not going to complain about that this is the constitutional system that we have. And so we will get a chance to take their place under this system to a sale the system that elected him is to undercut everything. Right. So that's a spirit, right? That's how you go about it. Now, the trouble with with this thing is. How people in the Senate knew about this thing for a long time. And they brought it up very late. They say unwillingly, but never mind, and the point is there isn't any way to verify this thing fully, you're never gonna first of all if you had a year and our ten years, and you had prosecutors all over it. How would you reconstruct these facts from high school and thirty seven years ago? That's right. And yeah, that's more than half these people's lives. And so, and so the point would be wouldn't you draw back from this on the ground that this just because somebody said something, which is all you're ever going to know is is not the way. And especially doesn't was if you've got. You know in the hopper then get it investigated because what what are your on the left or the right? If you're an elected officer, the Costas United States, you've taken an oath to uphold the process of the constitution and everything else about it. So that part of it is just. Stashing to me, and it's sort of pitiful replay of what happened to Clarence Thomas. Let me play Orrin Hatch cut number thirty one Marazion emphasis yesterday that we have before us today to human beings. Dr Ford Judge Kevin they deserve deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully. Hard to do that with Dr Florida earlier, and I think we succeeded. It's important that we trick jugs cavenaugh fairly now and seeing how that's gonna work out. Judge Canada spent a federal judge for twelve years. And it's been a great federal judge on the second highest court in the nation. He's earned a reputation for fairness. Teaches us in Moscow. Colleagues. Love him. This man is not a monster. Nowhere to see what has been represented here and these hearings. We're talking today about judge Kavanagh's conduct high school. And even then and as a freshman in college, I guess as well. Serious allegations have been raised if judge Cavanaugh committed sexual assault. It should not serve on the supreme court. I think we'd all agree with that. But the circus atmosphere that has been created since my democratic colleagues, I Dr forts allegations to the media two weeks ago after sitting on them for six weeks. I might add has brought us the worst in our politics. It certainly has brought us closer to the truth anonymous letters with no name and no return address or not being treated as national knows. Cornstarch or lawyers with facially implausible claims are driving the news cycle. I hate to say this. But this is worse than Robert Bork. And I didn't think I could get any worse than that. This is worse than Clarence Thomas. I didn't think I could get any worse than that. This is a national disgrace the way you're being created. So Larry Arnn, you just had the context from a man, he's a gentleman. He's retiring with great honor and dignity and the respect of everyone making an appeal for decency, inciting the two occasions, Bork and Thomas when it was most absent from the chamber to have a prayer of being resurrected. That's right. Right. And and see the larger point here is we as has happened in the past in the worst crises in American history. You heard a really good talk from Charles can start. I sat here at Hillsdale College. He's the editor of the Claremont review books, and he made the point that we're in a cold civil war, and like in those days right in in the eighteen fifties because we're not willing to subordinate are positioned to the requirements of functioning under the constitution. Whatever you think. Right. I mean, first of all what I've learned about judge. Kevin I in this in this last episode is this guy's got a lotta spitting fire in him. You know, he he he didn't see that before, you know. He's very careful, man. He's very methodical, man. Little boring. You know and turns out he's not like that at all. He's indignant about this thing. And he's he's good at saying. So he rose in my estimation. And the point about the charges is if the charges are true there. Terrible. Although mitigated by the youthfulness of the of the person who committed it even. That would be taken into account. He's a minor. But on the other hand, the point is the charges cannot be corroborated in this timeframe. After this much time has passed if I believe for a moment, they were true, I would vote against him. And I would urge everyone to do. So I don't believe them. And I believe the righteous indignation. The outrage voiced by the judge is the best evidence that whatever happened to Dr Ford and clearly traumatized by something though. It took thirty years for the surface. And in those thirty years stuff happens to memory as you, and I both know I just don't believe any any decent person can say that they will not vote for him on the basis of that. It's decent. Oh my gosh. It's a manipulation of the process. There's a big constitutional reason in my estimation, not to cooperate with this. But there's what you're saying is there's also a party reason not to cooperate with this. Because you can't you know. The American people have given the majority to the party of the president who nominated this man, they were all inclined to vote for him before this thing happened..

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