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The paint them nothing who cares i have no problem with the mets even signing him i have a problem with kim kinda get in first deeds on the first space job he's thirty six years old he looked torn last year in the half a season he played capital the oh any gone okay and you gotta kidding dominic smith dominic smith outperforms aging and dollars spring training dominic sprints should be the first baseman and i kind of have a problem that it appears the mets almost pushing towards adrian's the guy and dawn's go to aaa we'll start off performs and that should not even be a question because adrian zealous looks a spell it again be eleni done here it's tough to georgia spring training for anybody um obviously dominic smith replayed alive last year maybe he was worn out he was not in shape uh at the end of the year he travelled 22 you've got to be in shape so i have no problem with the mattresses teaching them a lesson or whatever it is now they say he's in shape now he's gotten in shape he learned his lesson but of course that was to last winter as well so uh i got no problem with it he did not perform either we got two guys you didn't perform ones of veteran ones the rookie i have no problem saying that rookie back i mean it's not like came up here and had an eight hundred ops judge yeah well hold on a second i'm not saying is but let's not rewrite history argued was called up in did nothing do we agree with that is that two thousand sixteen struggled he struggled the yankees basically said you're going to be for a job and even though erin clearly one that job there was a thought a week before the season started it he wasn't gonna even make the team remember that we we screamed of editing you can mean like i wanna luckily the yankees made the.

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