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This came out we've talked before about movie, pass here on on, I'm more and so last night or yesterday, most of yesterday folks were trying to get tickets to this happened to me. So folks are trying to get tickets to be able to watch movie past movies and movie pests tweeted out to say that they were experiencing technical issues with the process and that there were all these problems they were working to resolve the issue turns out it wasn't. I mean, technically was a technical issue, but technically it wasn't movie pass, ran out of money and had to. Yeah, had to borrow five million dollars from a like a short term loan in order to pay for the tickets that it was buying. So as a Friday morning, there's still some folks who are having trouble being able to purchase tickets, but movie pass, borrowed five million dollars from the DM there. It says where it came from, it's like a hedge fund and they had to borrow from a hedge fund, and it was the only way that they could pay back their partners so that they'd have enough money to afford the tickets that people wanted to buy. So I don't know about you, but like maybe these should start looking to some other services out there Laurie. I saw you tweeting before this that you were thinking about sticking out some others. I didn't know that that they had to borrow money from from there. From from somebody to help cover the cost of their tickets, which by the way as of two PM eastern time today, I just opened up my movie pass app in it saying this in thing where presently experiencing some technical issues with our car-based check in process, diligently working to resolve the issue in the interim ticketing is working. So if I tried to go to the movies right now, I couldn't use the card to do it at all. Even though apparently they've got the loan, it's still not enough or something. I'm not sure. Oh, yeah, I was. I was reading about. I'm going to miss pronounce it, but I think it's Cinta Mia, and it seems like a really good alternative to movie pests for people who don't go to the movies a hundred times in a month, or I guess technically thirty times a month 'cause you can't go more than thirty or thirty one. So it's only go once or twice a month and Cinta. Mea is a much less expensive version, but you're very. Limited. You can go one, two or three times depending on the tears. So I just thought I would ask around see what anybody thought it. It was partly triggered by the fact that I couldn't go to the movies last night. Like I, I thought, you know, oh, you know, I wanna go see the new mission, impossible movie, and I looked on. I opened movie Pasini saw that big. You know, we can't do it unless you're to eat ticket. Well, the nearest e ticketing theater in my area is about thirty five miles away. I mean, even even okay, so maybe I have to thirty five miles to go see this movie. So I checked to see and it was searched priced. So it was twofold. Just not. You know, that was a very frustrating experience for me. And so, yeah, I, it seems like I've kind of been on this on this on the side of the fence of, you know, movie pass is going to be making a lot of money someday because of their data collection because they, they are getting a lot of information. From us in this, you know, this is how other companies, Twitter, Facebook, and things like that. They give us a free service in exchange for collecting some of our data and sharing it with their partners in that's kind of the devil that I pay to be able to have these great services. And I always felt that way about movie pass, but the more and more they keep tacking on these little fees. And now they're, they're hemorrhaging money to the point where they can't even help. They don't even work for me. Now in I, I definitely think I'm, I'm gonna try some new services out there l. affiliate win on what I think. There's also I have a Cinemark in my neighborhood and they have their own direct loyalty up. So I think I'm a program, so then I'm gonna try a couple of different ones than I'll tell you tell you what happened to pass on Sunday pets..

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