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Are being warned that they must follow protocols and recapping our top story President Trump says he doesn't want the nation to live in fear is his three night stay in the hospital ends all that ahead in the next 15 minutes. Good morning. Find Brandon Bro and I'm Carol Mackenzie Tim McLaughlin at the editor's desk. Philadelphia's rebuild program is launching the second year of its career training program, which is designed to get more women and minorities into the building Trades. K Y. W. City Hall Bureau chief Pat Lobe tells us that applications are now available online. When Mayor Jim Kenny proposed rebuild. Almost five years ago. The vision was a program with multiple benefits. City facilities would get renovated. Local workers would get jobs and in turn because so many of these projects were in communities of color. Those workers would diversify the trade unions, which has been a tough nut to crack. After a number of roadblocks and logistical challenges. The building trades career program got started last year committed to training 30 women and people of color a year for rebuilt jobs of that first class, 18 stuck with it to the end and got apprenticeship offers with either the roof er's painters, carpenters or cement masons. One was a NASA Harris he'd been doing backbreaking labor on construction sites for not much pay. But now he's earning union wages as Cement Mason, but you wanna like on a home or a starter? Small good news. After thinkable going about basic, you could go to k y w news radio dot com For a link to the application. Pat Lobe.

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