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Can I'm Jesse Malta. Multan on routes, and unless you've been hiding in a cave somewhere over the past thirty, five years or so you are certainly familiar with our guest today. Matthew Modine. Welcome Matthew. Thank you very much. So happy to be here. Happy to be talking to you having seen you having enjoyed you. For so many years in so many different kinds of movies television shows. TV. Movies, award-winning films and TV shows. And I've not seen you on stage and I I wish I could say a hack I've read some of the work about some of the work you've done and it's pretty impressive. Yeah thank you very much. You. You've always been so kind and generous with your critiques of my work and and so thank you for that, and you know it's always a pleasure to talk to you and in. So nice to see Jesse. Sarwar. We're not in a restaurant having now, right. Here, we are in the age of Covid doing a zoom conference exactly and I hope you won't mind my starting on this note when I was reading up about you I had to I had to laugh Aleph recognition that you grew up in and around drive in movie theaters. Yeah. I wish my father was alive to beat to be witnessed this resurgence of. Removing Of course. You know. Cars used to be much bigger and more comfortable. into the movies was a different kind of experience and then. You know they the gas age I think it was seventy eight when we had the gas crisis yet president and two cars started getting more. Smaller and less comfortable and A. Of course, the advent of VHS tapes in cable television DVD's were were really the death blow to the drive in theater and the land was worth more than the drive ins in the land got developed into subdivisions and shopping centers and. This magical, a childhood that I was so lucky to be a part of. All kinds of disappeared and then with Kobe. It's it's it's made a resurgence so. The sesame being the mother of invention though Oh I do have this image in my head of someone like your..

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