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One every single time if you've listened to our lives show from dallas on pierre to freddie in the modern olympic games you'll know that in nineteen 04 or the olympic games were held in st louis at the same time at though as the world's spare unsurprisingly this led to some problems but it also man there were a lot of athletic activities to take in in st louis including basketball games but the forza basketball team was really the only opportunity to see women's sports women weren't officially allowed to participate in the olympic games yet and women's basketball would not be an olympic sport for another seventy plus years the team did however get the honor of playing an exhibition game at the olympics yes you'll recall these two events happening abutted rate against each other caused so much confusion some people didn't even know the that the olympics were happening some of them that were actually in the olympics thought they were playing at the world fear aside from those couple of early games in their first season of competitive play at this point the fort shaw indian schoolgirls basketball team was undefeated news coverage of their game suggested that they were unstoppable speedier and more agile than the other teams and adept at feints and strategies that their opponents just could not match so philip straem all of missouri decided it was time for somebody to rise to this challenge he put together an allstar teams to play against fort shot in a threegame match to determine who would be champion of the world spare he handselected past members of st louis is central high school team taking the best of the best from the years that central had been state champions this alumna team trained together with the specific goal exclusively of defeating forshaw the games were to take place over three saturday's the first game was held on september third nineteen 04.

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