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And there's reason to feel good about that. It just feels like once those guys start to hit their prime, when they get to 21, 22 years old. And this group of Real Madrid players that we've known for so long are starting to maybe phase out. This could, we might be, it might still be too three years away, but this could get interesting quicker than how it feels right now. Like if we look at what we've talked about the Manchester United Barcelona compares comparison how Manchester United feels like just no matter what they do, they can't get back to where Manchester City currently are. I don't know if I feel like it's going to be that way for that long between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Possibly I think the economics of it are going to mean that well, they think they can get Holland. Who thinks that? Barcelona? Well, the porta said that. Yeah. They're back. I remember? Yeah. I thought we'd just call that risible and decided to forget about it stuck with me. I don't see it. I actually think if the economics continue in the same vein, neither of these teams will have once this generation your bush gets your PK and your Casimir Benzema once they move on. I was going to say off this mortal coil. They're not going to die, but when they move on to the next life of my football, retirement, Andrew, I was trying to be too flowery about it. But when that happens, you better believe that Barcelona will hope they're in a better position in terms of their youth because the economics mean all the good players will be in England. They won't be in Spain. They won't be available there. So there won't be the same kind of draw towards these teams. If things keep trending the way they are. So Barcelona may have the advantage in that they've got these youngsters coming through. The economics may be so bad, though, that they have to sell them. We don't know. That is still a possibility. That some of these players. For example, the sense of are trying to extract any sense from Danny alves return and jettisoning sergino dest outside of economics. There is none. And I don't care if javi feels as if, well, you know, maybe our people are saying that javi feels there's a defensive issue over him. You know, this is crazy. This is a 38 year old against one of the best young players in the European game. And test is this makes no sense except we need to plug a hole here. We need to get fern towards registers. So we have to rob Peter to pay Paul and get rid of this young talent. And if that model continues, Andrew barsa will still be nowhere. Well, but conceivably they'll recoup money. You'll get something for sergino desk because he's a young player. You know, at some point, they will 40 million to cover, but it's covering Taurus. They'll be in this constant cycle of trying to stay ahead of the financial rules in Spain. And they'll stagnate that way. The Harlem thing is interesting. And this is probably a conversation for the summer, but whatever. We're talking about it now. Like I said, I'm under the impression in papa's going to Real Madrid and nothing stopping that. So everybody wrap your mind. And wrap your minds around. By the force of will of two men that will happen. Minor raiola and Latino Paris. Correct. It'll happen. I was reading before him. And this idea of, okay, how can Barcelona pitch themselves to Holland in this moment where Barcelona appear to be in a low ebb? And the pitch essentially, the Barcelona are going with is this idea of look at what the rivalry of Messi and Ronaldo did to those two legacies. Like a magic bird type rivalry. If magic and bird were on the same team, they were both Lakers if they were both Celtics. There's no rivalry. There's no that tradition is lost and gone. It's not fun. Messi Ronaldo has a rivalry. It added to both players legacies and the aura around each of them. So be that to embark and bought a Holland the same age, same position, be this bring this rivalry individual rivalry back to these clubs. And that's kind of Barcelona's Spanish Spanish football pitch. That's what a lot of people I'm sure Tobias would love that. But how does this work? Financially, financially. I don't know. I have no idea. Because but I didn't think that they could afford 60 million for Ferran Torres. But they can't. I mean, we know they can. But they're doing it. They're figuring out a way and they still have to figure out how to jettison someone to get them in. How much will the rest of the team suffer? And again, we should be saving this for the summer. But let me finish on this point. How much would the rest of the bass rebuild suffer by this guy's wages? Holland's wages alone. I just. Manchester City seems like a more likely landing spot. Would you believe that Manchester United is a more likely landing spot? I think economically. I should mention, by the way, that Ferran Torres did play today, so he's with Barcelona. He's a player for them. I'm sure that someone still has to go out for those books to be balanced. I'm convinced of it. And I'm sure they'll figure it out somehow some way. But congrats to Real Madrid. They're into the final awaiting awaiting their opposition. That's correct. Awaiting their possibly athletic club, you don't know. Let's continue to another semifinal that was played earlier today. Second leg, Chelsea and Tottenham and it is Chelsea who go through three nil on aggregate one nil on the day. JJ, here's a stat for Chelsea fans. They'll sleep well at night hearing this one. This.

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