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Me too right i'm sorry i'm of for you right you're used exactly i mean like an old shoe just tossed me aside afterward triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three it's interesting how this family is dealing with it because they're they're definitely not the lemmings that normally get patted down like this and just say ads you know it's part of the process it's keeping us safe i mean they're posting this thing on facebook and they're really speaking out good the daughter of the ninety six year old woman said it was just like how can they get away with this washington dulles airport road on its facebook page many of you reached out to us to express concern over a video of security screening taking place at dulles international airport security screening at our check points is directed and conducted by the transportation security administration we have shared our customer comments with the tsa and their immediate review and appropriate action tsa stated to cbs news the tsa is committed to ensuring the security of travelers while treating all passengers with dignity and respect in bulk in this instance the tsa officer provided advice mints during the pat down and was extremely polite you're you're polite while you abuse me that doesn't help i don't that doesn't make it any better the passenger was very cooperative and gave no indication that she was agitated or in discomfort oh stop it so i guess you're supposed to rive in discomfort and let them know that you hate this she received a pat down was cleared for her flight that's the big tsa statement on this the woman said she's never gonna fly again so she was definitely not comfortable with it.

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