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Human fish human fish here whatever a little bit of human fish because of the color of the skin and it has legs and arms sticking out of the body. but it's like a gecko. Okay and he's a creature creature that lives inside of the cave. And above all of that. honeycombed subterranean you've got vineyards in some very trendy wine. We do have some really good wine in our country. There's a lot to see in slovenia. This is travel with rick. Steves who've been talking with tiki and sasha ghulab. Let's finish our discussion of natural via just one special natural experience that you'd think anybody planning trip to your homeland would want to be sure to enjoy. I'm gonna say a hike in the knives for people who had fit willing to invest a certain amount of their time into this phenomenon. Abuse of the kiss. I would say a hike in the judean yuliana. Tina and i would probably choose. Well same. Sasha julian alps. But since i won't go into another zone goodish kebir area is amazing. That's very close to karst and it's an area that has rolling hills. Looks like tuscany. Beautiful nature amazing food and amazing wine. Now let's make sure people know garesh goaty but the g. o. r. i s. k. a. In now i was taught you have to have a vowel. And this is a two syllables. Where's the vowel tend to be a little lazy with greece. Burda and it's It's it's just a a beautiful. It's also another winegrowing region to land growing. Krieger is beekeeping region. It's just it's beautiful. You got everything you're looking for Be and you got your got your beautiful slovenian countryside Can we finish just with. Teach me a phrase or levin. Whether i should know what i'm hiking in those mountains You're always absolutely risk to greet people on the threes so i would say dober- don dover john's good afternoon a phrase to good day good after overdone and tina and when you will be resting in an alpine hut you'll probably have some schnapps you need to know how to say cheers not is the Like the same in russian similar similar nostra via yes. And don't forget to look into people's eyes when you toast with them. Can i make it a little bit. melodramatic and..

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