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That oakley handled himself i think you back so and one of everyone that was there that that no mike did not dictated we look at and what bill one and done for this man now i think he's even made the people okay but the benefit of the doubt they are he'd be a win against him but he was wrong are now give me one inside because that would don't has done and i don't oh i know well larry john been in used to not not going to come out publicly if anything because obviously that the president but whether there but i would love to see guys like you we it was not handled well by dolan okay another plays and i and i and and bobby i sided with dolan on and i don't think he goes ewing to be the coach not to dump a great when he was here and play great when he was here and that was the relationship he doesn't all types of to be the head coach so and i've never salty did i don't think he goes and he these guys a job only theo's any of these guys you know the coaching position because they were great players the bottom line though is if you want to have a history you need to have the a relationship with those players and they probably do of relationship with most of the players and oakley wasn't in the right and i even don't even think they were in the wrong when they didn't invited back if he had been highly critical of that because listen if you're going to be highly critical and that's with the start of this whole thing you're not going to get invited back and oakley has been highly critical he's got a big mouth the always hats and that's the way he's always active but to take this incident there could have been a way to to get around this the when you're the owner when you know the palace source when you're the rich guy the fans we have is guy wants to see you shows sympathy or shows coin is and if he had met with them it's the given him a chance the fans would responded that that the score starts i don't think they're going to respond and that was not the way i would've gone.

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