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This is the fusion patrol gassed each week we look at a different science fiction TV episode or movie and analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode a fusion patrol I'm Eugene. Kenneth. And tonight we're looking at the star Hunter Redux episode the man who sold the World Episode Synopsis On Pluto About He. Hunter Confronts Mr Cave on he accuses him of being Dr Novak a wanted criminal when he insists on a DNA scan to verify his identity. Bell Keivonnis beautiful assistant offers him cocktails then shoots him dead with a gun concealed under the serving stray aboard the Trans Utopian Percy is complaining about the Food and her homework which she hasn't been doing. But all the witty banter is interrupted by Rodolfo. WHO's got a job for them. Every bounty hunter in the system is after Novak who they all know is cave on and that he's living a high profile life as a metal supplier. Dante team or ordered to get there quickly and take the prisoner. There's going to be a convenient plot complication though every twenty eight, thousand years, the older anomaly mucks about with Pluto, and by the most staggering of coincidences the trans. Utopian, we'll only have twelve to eighteen hours to get in and get out before the never yet observed in the recorded history of mankind. Anomaly Hits Pluto Lucretia spends her travel time reviewing an orchard briefing on the history of Callisto, and the evil Dr Novak who performed thousands of unethical and horrific experiments on the population before the collision rebels and the lunar and Martian alliances teamed up and overthrew the government. Of Callisto. They arrive at Pluto and Lucretia is particularly Ho to bring Novak to justice she was part. Of the troops that liberated eccleston concentration camp and has seen the horrors firsthand. Dante tries a clever ruse and pretends to be a metal buyer to gain access to the environment bubble on Pluto cave on. Let's him in but it is the work of a few seconds to check the computer information. Realized that the Trans Utopian isn't an ore carrier and Dante is lying he. Sends his goon rusty to kill them and his hostile AI program billy ray to disable the Trans Utopian on the Trans Utopian Percy dances amongst the broken parts and bric a Brac of the ship. When Billy Ray arrives Caravaggio notices but seemingly does nothing about it for a while and then when he does he fails and billy ray takes over and starts destroying the ship. Percy soaps about it s billy ray to leave. He doesn't. On Pluto Rusty proves to be an incompetent at his job as goon and is soon dispensed with but that in any way incapacitated or restrained by Dante ORLA Krisha..

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