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July thirty one deadline david is calling from any strong orange david thanks steve talked you talked to you since you're captain midnight gays well you can be now a co captain very much i i'm a long yankee fan i grew up in the days of jackson and and a witness and that back then i really believe he's gonna get a good solid three starter somewhere i really really do not want machado even though he's a phenomenal talent he's a guy nanny player but we got three players are control multiple years playing together gimmick campbell's drain dawa break up that kind of style of workmen's attitude that they have and as much as i love machado i figured that every player we don't need a right hand back you're not gonna you're not gonna get him i'm going to ask you i'm machado's not gonna come to the yankees and you don't need them i think we all understand that how many alumnae let me ask you what i was talking with francesa when he got off his show at six thirty and i asked him he gave me a lengthy answer i want to hear what your answer is are you comfortable with either hap or or cole hamels were to any leader yeah but he's he's said he was comfortable with the hap because of his forty one and seventeen record against the american league east but that was when hap was younger building that kind of record i don't see if i was a yankee fan i wouldn't be comfortable with either of them i thoroughly agree with that all the doing pretty well wisconsin they edge just pulled out for the raiders really really good dakota hudson ethic his name was okay i don't know really really good we've got some good young starts in the shot they will we got we got the off season we have nobody expected red is they are.

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