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Thought it would be very interesting to look at some weight. Loss companies around the united states. That say that they are all about you weight fast. It is known specifically to my friends and those closest to me that i've always had a cynical view on companies such as weight watchers nutrisystem. Slimfast and jenny craig disclosure here. I haven't tried neum. But they seem more in line to my beliefs of getting to the root of the weight issue internally with mindfulness and sidebar here if anybody has had an experience with neum maybe you can fill me in on that. Why do i have a cynical view. Well it's simple. All these companies with the exception of possibly neum are hardcore money making schemes these companies prey on us at our most vulnerable desperate times and they know it they may say they have your best interest at heart but Do they do they really. Let's look at some of the basic facts. Do they have a fee attached to their promise. Probably and i would say yes. Do they sell their own food products. Probably and that's another. Yes on my opinion. And lastly do they an anyway. Teach you how to keep the weight off when you reach your goal on their program and no longer need their program. My answer would be a big no red flags and bells and

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