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On the experiment, a podcast from the Atlantic and W. N Y C studios. I'm a green tells the story of Ralph Reed's three decades effort. Build one of the most successful movements in American history. This isn't just going to be some Christian civic group. This is going to be the most effective public policy organization. In the country. Listen to the experiment wherever you get podcasts W N Y C supporters include Glenmede private wealth, providing personalized wealth management solutions to help individuals and families pursue their lifestyle and legacy goals more from Lee Miller at 2123287331. This is all things considered from NPR news. I'm Mary Louise Kelly. And I'm Ari Shapiro. Just three years after 18 T finalized in $85 billion deal to acquire Time Warner 18 T is spinning it off. The company currently known as Warner Media, will merge with Discovery to create a new media company, which means the food Network and H G T V will all be under one roof with HBO and CNN and.

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