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National Guard troops opened fire on a protest in students killing for Alan Canfora was hit in the wrist fifteen years later people still come to the site I can only imagine the fear that the students file as well as the fear and confusion that the National Guard felt they were all terrified they were young Steve Futterman CBS news Kent Ohio one of the nation's big warehouse stores is requiring customers to take extra precautions cosco has never closed during the corona virus scare though they went through great lengths to limit the number of shoppers in each of their stories in a single time offering members disinfecting wipes to clean off the shopping carts but now cosco will require all shoppers to wear masks cosco is following the lead of airlines like JetBlue and United which are now requiring passengers to have their faces covered up to if they want to fly Evan brown's newsradio WFLA a former high ranking north Korean diplomat is apologizing for suggesting Kim Jong moon was seriously ill days before the leader of the communist state showed up in public Kim hadn't been seen for weeks fueling speculation about his health and whether he was even alive the corona viruses cause supply problems for meat now people are going out and getting it the old fashioned way with virus related meat shortages Americans are changing more than shopping habits more people are out to bag their meals game and fish agencies across the country are reporting an increase in hunting license sales Indiana has seen a twenty eight percent jump in Turkey license sales during the first week of the season and the quality deer management association is predicting a resurgence in hunting as people consider self reliance and where their food comes from Jim Shannon CBS news for more on the coronavirus go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast tab for the latest news and information it's six thirty six weather is not you got a home to sell so today and Marie she had a condo in Reston that have been listed with an agent for three months no results well she heard people like me raving about Jennifer young here on the radio and she gave her shot Jennifer included the town home in what she calls her coming soon marketing that's all it took home another Jennifer young success stories that town homes sold for five thousand dollars over asking it just days and without.

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