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Colonel Alexander Veneman nor bookbinder citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington it's not just a problem because it is it's been detective but it also discourages people from coming forward colonel than men and his twin brother who did not testify were escorted out of the White House by security Tom forty CBS news Washington the latest Republican to call impeachment a sham is Maryland's governor I don't think the process was fair and objective governor Larry Hogan a frequent critic of president trump is expressing frustration with how the impeachment was handled he says both parties in both chambers of Congress failed telling politico he thinks the whole thing was a sham and a joke I think the the Republican should have been able to call witnesses in the house trial they shouldn't have the secret hearings in the basement I should have gone to the Judiciary Committee and then I think they should have witnesses in the Senate but neither one of those things happened Hogan considered running against president trump for the Republican nomination encouraged by the president's GOP critics who tried to convince Hogan to get in the race neckline LA WTOP news we are just days away from the democratic primary in New Hampshire where voters could decide the fate of more vulnerable campaigns ahead of super Tuesday next month the latest polling shows Vermont senator Bernie Sanders leading the pack followed by former south bend Indiana mayor Pete to judge Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren and former vice president Joe Biden this year's primary will be watched more closely than ever after modeled results cast some doubt on the outcome of the Iowa caucuses correspondent Nicole Killian is in Manchester New Hampshire where front runner Bernie Sanders and people to judge be back a barrage of attacks in last night's debate with three days to go before the New Hampshire primary the remaining candidates clashed over each other's electability has anyone else on the stage concerned.

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