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I'm still not going to watch it but it's cool and it's available I am not backing lost six ninety nine a month I'm going to get the the Surf Dude I was third order in talking I mean I'm very mental oriented the most exciting for delorean Bill Burr was like telling stories that he starting them with of I can say this and that Oh yeah always anytime they start with like the Mike I'm on fire you know it's good to me it seemed like nothing but I don't know maybe two two star wars stuff it's a big deal but that one awesome the really great you had a list of things on here I'm just going to comb through them real quick as we it's awesome your blade guy right blades well not in this other guy you heard earlier Austin rollerblades for like a week I saw there's still it on my desk right now back Nanya oh I learned that that's how my wife Hell you learned that from break from Eric von Denton I still God in the stars Dame Stars name Eric Von Debt and is a legend we there's one time Casey Radio and asked who is your dream guest for KFC radio this is like I don't know six months ago and league months ago and I didn't I interrupted going Eric von Den I'm a huge on that guy that's my man because he comes in your weird like through fan I am him because he'll come in and he'll be like he'll be like he's being an asshole all right you don't like no one likes that much with Brennan razer like he thought we were doing a bit dude and he's like all right what's the joke I know dude like we're GONNA play a game true Enjoy your book I guess I'm GonNa read off a movie title the Year It's released in the Synopsis Tell me if it's real time of it's fake John Look a little there's giveaways and some of these such makes same here we go I won nineteen fifty-nine Darby Gill and the little people just fired Darby Guild does not want to tell his daughter Katie that his position has been you can buy dashing younger younger than on his way home Darby's slips through a portal to land the land of the little people there he meets the Leprechaun King Brian in the accident bringing the little monarch with him Darby then demands Brian Grant Brian grant him three wishes but the request brings Darby bittersweet and unexpected results trill real or fake movie what's a Leprechaun's name again Darby Gil I think that's the county I don't know what is Brian Okay it's fake 'cause nobody's name is Brian in the nineteen fifties is fake as Ken Jack do he's fucking thing in his hand I I read I read a lot of these folks real movie you can marry Disney starting number twelve here on economies in it Sean Connery talking on the right side of the picture Darby Oh Gill plays at the guy that he wants that the main character that's John Connor on the right side Utah Bodybuilder Professionally Darby Gill and the little people oh yeah dude that's he plays to carry on November twelve character wants his daughter to fuck all right on it I thought huntings name was Brian I thought I was so disappointed when you got to that 'cause like Oh these like do we know it's GonNa be hard I told you going to be fun but this is not honestly a fake move be easy next up the nine hundred sixty nine the computer wore tennis shoes news students from a crash strapped college need of a computer convinced businessmen Aj Arnaud to donate one when it needs to be repaired student Dexter Riley fixes it during an electrical storm and receives a shock suddenly the computer's brain has fused with his and he's a genius unfortunately he also has knowledge about Arnaud's illegal gambling operations restored the computer now Dexter celebrity but are no want him eliminated John you guess I way true guess I yeah that's not real the computer were tennis shoes it stars Robert Redford can be streamed artist Russell Russell isn't it ochre Russell Oh yeah caracal sorry sorry very very real it'll be on dizzy off name was brian like I think Brian Cox is the oldest Brian of I think it's the way I had no idea Bryan Cox of succession was in the slap I knew also doc Cox in the Great Society on Thursday oh that'd be awesome though succession okay we go next up fuck off nineteen fuck off nine hundred seventy five the strongest man in the World Dexter has a bold idea for his college chemistry project creating a formula that will make human stronger a lab result because you guys wrote this after the last one in saw the name Dexter in there and then you just used it again in this one it's like in order Lucien in vitamin rich cereal amazingly when students try the cereal it briefly provides superhuman strength the college dean tries to take advantage pitching a deal to the cereal company oblivious to the formulas actual contents things during serious when cereal competitors hire thugs to eliminate the new miracle product chill the strongest man in the world real or fake like I wanna say it's real because it sounds more plausible than the movies you just listed but that's also why I wanna say it's fake and then it also feels like we're due for a fake one so I'm going to say fake John Dot GonNa Guess fake it at any point anymore real real folks November twelfth Kurt Russell Stars in the strongest man in the world on Disney Bluffs one thousand nine hundred seventy six a sequel the shaggy dog wants successful lawyer Wilbur will be Daniels what he got promoted returns from vacation to find burglarized he decides to clean up town by running against the corrupt John Slade and the upcoming district attorney election however just as will be begins his campaign he learns ring has been stoned from museum that has the power to turn them temporarily into a sheepdog knowing he could transform any moment will be attempts to win the election John Your first the Shaggy d fake I mean I just made a promise myself to not safe anymore but it has to fade true folks the Shaggy da worst prosecute prosecutorial record of all time off of the quote it wasn't me long shaggy fucking that's real that's real it is real the shack as a real movie okay these are the worst part about this they drill see them pictures are made up the images uh-huh all right next up eighty-three the argonauts Jason gets detention for acting up in history class and gets assigned to the task of cleaning up the school library he discovers a it's the old copy of the Iliad which proves more than he bargained for as a transport him back in time to the time of Greek heroes now the only way he can get home is to defeat Medusa fleet the quest for the Golden Fleece John Real or fake the Organiz trill real or fake the argonauts nineteen eighty-three fake it's fake the argonauts a I mean I feel I've heard of it oh yeah you probably fucking golden fleece run out I think this is fake sounds like the most plausible one that's why I said it was nine hundred eighty six Mr Bougie a novelty salesman moves his family a new house initially dismissing incidences more of their fathers practical jokes the family soon learns at the House is haunted by people who lived in the house three hundred years previously John fake real real real or fake Mr Boogie what year is this one thousand nine hundred eighty six dude everybody was doing this is one thousand nine hundred six I'm not gonNA say the title right off the Bat in a world where twelve year old Michael Gerber has no friends he finds that sometimes the best the best friendships come within Michael's an awkward young boy he was about to start junior high and has no real friends his only companion is an imaginary friend he calls by the name of and the titular character is bucket fuzz bucket nineteen eighty-six reeler that's that's real because you sent me the picture Chidi on this one I saw the fucking thing in their fuzzy bucket that was the one that shocked me when it came across the feet next up the snowball effect one thousand nine hundred sick of going to school a middle school friends Frankie Dennis invent the machine cover the entire surrounding area with snow after joined the first few snow days the friends realize their mistake they start with a plow their driveways are are forced to shiver under layers of blankets and miss playing baseball at snow continues to pile up after losing control of their machine do figure out a way to reverse what they've done before the town is buried in snow the snowball effect nineteen ninety-two real or fake John fake true real or fake that's fake it didn't seem like a good enough that didn't seem like a good enough reason to advance the plot that's correct ave to Joe Rogan Roll Rocket Science Nineteen ninety-five a Freak Accident Causes Sixteen year olds struggling student player will marsh to become such an incredible science projects at NASA offer some job job to help them prepare for an upcoming shuttle launch unprepared for such a high pressure environment will falters under until ageing scientists gusts deadman takes him under his wing and teaches them how to use his newfound intelligence meanwhile fellow Prodigy Josh Summers feel slighted bruising everyone's attention and tries to sabotage we'll at every turn rocket science nineteen ninety-five what do we think real are very real real or fake John is right fake movie not real are we got we got we're here nine hundred ninety eight meet the deedles twin thrill seekers fill in detail or hip Hawaiian surfers shipped out to Wyoming for summer camp before expelled from school before they're expelled from school but when they get sidetracked yellowstone national park they found the jobs as rookie rangers to impress a sexy lieutenant that kicks off a hilarious ernest adventure as the Beatles battle prairie dogs surf roaring rapids and rescue old faithful from a vengeful ex ranger trill ruler fake I feel like I've heard the name meet the details before but also the words sexy was just using a description for a Disney movie so I'm GonNa go real because I feel like I've heard meet the details before and if I if I haven't that's the Mandel effect I'm saying fake that's fake Johnson eight the details will be on Disney plus number two talking picture this picture the picture of them by the way they have this big wave like hair insane I can of Worms Aliens respond to a dissatisfied teens plead to escape from planet earth but not all of them are friendly can of worms nineteen ninety nine Taylor fake that's that's real real or.

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