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Seven Sweet Sixteen action tonight, Florida state versus Gonzaga Purdue against Tennessee, Texas Tech against Michigan and Oregon versus Virginia. Some folks will go a long way just to get a day off. But to fake a crime to do it. Fox's Tom reghati? Police say thirty two year old Brian Anderson of Dundee, Florida called nine one one claiming that too gun toting dogs took his cash phone necklace before jumping at a car driving away, Paul county sheriff's deputies rushed to the scene and quickly smelled a rat. Deputy say Anderson's motive was peanut didn't want to show up for his work at Hardee's. Detectives say after they grilled Anderson. He confessed adding on the bright side. Brian didn't have to go to his eleven AM shift at the restaurant on the downside. He's facing criminal charges. Tomor Gotti, Fox News brilliant in the week candidate. While a lot of people do the best they can to stay healthy. Sometimes their environment may be doing things to sabotage them without even being aware of it. So there's no doubt that some areas of the country, Christina do a better job at making sure that residents are as healthy as possible. And now, there's a new report out. There tells us which ones are doing it best. And that report was done by US news and World Report, they teamed up with Aetna and their second annual healthiest communities ranking, which evaluated three thousand communities nationwide across eighty one health related metrics in ten categories and those categories included education population, health, infrastructure and environment. So with all that in mind, the magazine chose Douglas county, Colorado as the healthiest community in the United States. The area lands in the top ten in at least four of those Eighty-one areas, including physical activity educational attainment and median household income. So the two thousand eighteen healthiest communities the top ten. Let's see if we recognize any of these places number ten is Howard county. Maryland never heard of it. Nope. Delaware County in Ohio comes in at number nine number eight Carver county in Minnesota, Minnesota always does. Well, in these things Hamilton county in Indiana, never heard of it. Neither nor have. I heard of number six Teton county in Wyoming. Nope. Or Broomfield county Colorado all wide open spaces right fresh air number four. I guess it's pronounced Luton county Virginia. Okay. Okay. And this is also in Virginia. This is Falls Church city in Virginia. I don't know any of these this one I recognized Los Alamos county in new medical. Okay. And then number one is Douglas county as you said, I have some feedback here do on Rhode Island because they were looking at, you know, the top five hundred counties. Yup. And so- Rhode Island came in. We came in there four times, Ron really, yeah. Some did better than others. I'll start from the bottom. Newport county out of five hundred came in at two fifty four good not too bad in the metal Kent County two hundred and thirty eight refer you guys Washington county came in at number eighty six in Bristol County came in at number seventy two all right with proud of all four of you representing proudly the state of Rhode Island when it comes to the healthiest communities in the United States. Not bad. It's seven o'clock misery on twenty one zero four seven FM. Good.

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