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Say I. I don't think has enough takes over to fascinating games than in the champions the tomorrow of course on the next edition of this show. We'll be looking back at them. How Red we'll Stevie Nickleby. The final tally will be with me. As will frank leboeuf Beech order join us? Good Ron hasn't that light. Manchester United Win Against Manchester City. Means that are unbeaten in their last ten games. Winning seven of them Mark Ogden. You have been one of the harshest critics of united over the last few months. We wrong about this. As well were turned kind of silicone side with the around the Brune off. An WHO's been an absolute revelation. I think he's had some fantastic quality himself but he's brought the rest of the players. The level is made the midfield is play. Bats is brought to the strike is at the shell a little bit and all kinds of knitting together now. Miley concerned about United degration. The beaten city game at Tottenham the weekend after they played games against teams in the bottom half of the table now until recently the really struggled to beat those Burnley Waterford West Tom. Newcastle developed visits to the season. I think the arrival of Fernandez will help them break. These teams down what we still have to see whether or not you can take advantage of teams that are. GonNa sit deep rather than Satnam so low. It's been a great turn around. You have to give Sasha credit because when loss of Burnley about six or seven weeks we saw. This comedy was real impressionable. The silent offenders is being exceptional a lot of understand why they sign him at the beginning of January the end of January still the government the end. But you know I think right now. United probably favorites together full spot because there in fall but I just think the caveat that they have to stop beating the teams in the lower half of the table and how often enough. That's interesting you mention that taught full race. The bookies disagree with you. They've got Chelsea favorites. Eleven eight on united seven to four. What do you think.

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