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Season Ryan so light going with a lot of weight week is this is this live. Are we doing this. Live live in real no Not Tanit we were supposed to do a video This is supposed to be a video episode. But it's you know. Sometimes you're overly ambitious too many holiday spirits Ritz. And but we did watch the movie together this week. We did the first time time. And it was a little hard because we got an AIRBNB to Celebrate because I haven't seen Quinn you know. He moved out to Cali for a while. So we we got an AIRBNB and everything was good But we start the movie a little bit late so the guests were arriving throughout the whole movie. It's right there. Were some interesting our with another guest talk in addition to like not being able to I I didn't write any notes this time. I wasn't in my usual environment. There's there's doorbells ringing and things not again and you're like okay. Let's go on on beers be passed out because even when you're by yourself like you can make a if you need a piss or something. You can make a good call to win to stop the movie. If it's like during the the climax you're you're not gonNA stop you're GonNa you're going. I can't go on. You'll even forget about the fact that you had to pee as right movie will take over. You'll let us free it when your doorbell rings Kinda Take Seattle. Yeah and this is the kind of movie. Wear a watt stuff happened. We'd even say what movie doing. What are we doing? What are we reviewing today? Grant We're doing seven Seventy one thousand nine hundred film with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt Directed by David fincher. Who has done? What else has he done on alien three on girl Fight Club Fight Club Zodiac Con Girl Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. All these until what did you think grant give me give it to me straight. Yes is a solid fill I think he's more. It lands more on on the iconic scale l. than anything else as some of the top two. Fifty's do I thought it was well done. And it was riveting and entertaining a number was but I don't I don't know if it was Top fifty all time he well star two fifty proudly of all time. But you're not saying it was seven was number twenty one. Maybe so twenty one and I'm not sure. Solid holiday season was were well. Would you watch it a I. I watched it probably ten years years ago and I'd Probably Watch it in another ten years. I'm not dying. Give me ten more years. Maybe I'll put it back on But I I had no idea that it was also directed by David Fincher who directed Kodiak we watched last week. That's pretty neat in fight club. Fight Club sure. We'll get there too. I've never seen you never seen fight club. Never seen fact well Nan. Oh boy some foreshadowing Having some point that's on the list for sure for sure for sure but with seven. Yeah I thought it was a solid film. It was interesting to watch it again and knowing what I know it was one of those movies I think I know. Mostly everything like it hasn't been that long where I've forgotten like a major plot element or a twist like I know it's going to happen and I think even saying you didn't forget the twiss didn't forget the to say did forget how some of the deaths forgot how a lot of it played out but the twist anyways continue. Yes but I thought it only got better as it went on. I think honestly forty five five minutes in a little bored I was like. Why did I really liked this movie that much it was it was kind of doing some classic basic detective stuff murder happened they go in and take a look at it and doing some detective shit? I'm like this Zara but it really builds up to I think one of the best climaxes just Bam. You don't even know if you've the climax is like twenty minutes long of Strat vents stressed out and and I will say like I. I knew the setup of the twist but I still didn't know like the very end if the crime would be played out by Brad Pitt Really quickly I'm hopefully people have have seen this fellow if you haven't it's a bar. Serial killer who kills people based on the seven deadly sins So you got gluttony. Greed Sloth Lust Pride and the wrath and the climax is basically. The Guy Turns himself in the serial killer. Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey. Who played very good zero? Pass us a really good actor In order and and he warned a reveal the last two envy and and and basically he he killed Brad Pitt's wife and was taunting Brad Pitt. The whole time and was trying to get Brad Pitt to kill him him because that would be the wrath. That'd be the seventh. The serial killer dying would be the seventh death and spoiler maybe fast forward thirty seconds. Turn it off turn it off. Brad Pitt kills him. Shoot shoots them Bam right in the head so the villain wins in this one. Grant filled wins. It's what he wanted. I really didn't want him to shoot up. I don't think anyone does but I think that's what happens. You don't really have the choice like you're caught up in the moment like Kevin Spacey's in the back of a car saying link we live like me live with these deadly sins every day. Nobody notices them but they're the worst things like in existence or some shit like that and you don't really notice like how you know Brad Pitt is wrath like he's he's pissed off all the time in the movie you're like Oh he's just the normal wild reckless detective. Yeah when he was recklessly chasing the serial killer. That was pretty bad. You thought it was bad detective work or it was yeah. It was dumb that he was US letting his emotions get the best awesome. I think and in the it was foreshadowing because he let that happen again. I guess from that scene. What should he have done? Salaam go that one. At what point did he was going to die too. I mean yeah would I think he got like Ambushed basically so he was Kinda dumb he was just like an in kind of tunnel vision and he. He wasn't isn't like Morgan. Freeman was much more calm and collected through the chase right and they both kinda ended up in the same spot. WHO's the Latin Brad Pitt to get closer to catch him? Not really just got almost killed so like yeah. I don't think that is very good. Detective work off the handle and it was always that scene. It was raining. This is one of those movies. Were like honestly I. I'm curious to how play out in a theater but it was always like always raining. There's always noise was very hard to understand a lot of what was going on. Because maybe that's part of it even in that climax scene there's helicopter noises the entire time there's Salata annoys the truck comes and there's noise and you're just like trying to like figure out a lot of its likes Zodiac in a way or the detective film in a way where you're just like Iraq in your brain you're like what is happening right now which is good? I like a movies that require an active active audience member. We also figured out. We're watching it. I I think I knew this but I guess the film doesn't take place in in any particular city I'm guessing it's just a copycat of New York. Seems Very New York. The they kept calling the city in Lima. Sucks to live here commute like Baltimore kind of move upstate yeah. They didn't say that that's seems jeans but I thought The reason I really like the movie more than I guess other her detective type like movies is 'cause it's really not it's not about the murders in themselves it's like Zodiacs Cool and interesting because of the the murders like them trying to figure out the murders orders like the detective work. That's going on the process. But I think more about Anna Brad Pitt and Somerset Morgan Freeman in their relationship. Their characters in yeah.

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