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Because it is pop quiz time. This is why misplaced my line earlier. Because those loading up the quiz this pop quizzes called Robert Dowry Junior exists another universe where he sells Brian for money or Robert. Downey junior is used to big stuff in the MC you but now he's going to do Little Sean General Knowledge Facts on Robert Downey junior it easiest to hardest to test your knowledge score. One point love our silence during for each correct answer. I'll just insert cricket noises in there. They were there question number one. What Superhero does he play here? Welcome for the give me because there's no other means after that get one right. That's cared about all. I got right actually only two movies. I cared about one in three. I don't talk about to give me for. Which film did Robert Downey? Junior earned his first academy award nomination. Question TO HINT. It was crap hits. We talked about it more than three minutes ago hint. It's not Tropic Thunder Timid First Academy Award Nomination. Thunder highlight the story of highlighting. You don't be looking at your recipe coverage scripts. I didn't write this. I question number three. What is the name of his production company? Hint Robert Downey. Junior owns this production company hence it being his hint is not tropic thunder campaign why is praising answer Tropic Thunder All? Her answers are trump. Is that the only movie you saw Sabrina? But Superhero pay folder. That is true. You're the only one number four. What famous actor was his roommate? When I got to Hollywood Ben Stiller from traffic get tropics Sunday out of your minds Ben. Stiller's really hit and miss with me but tropic thunder is one of my favorites Tropic Thunder Zealander meet the authors blenders. Okay Now Zealander is I love the I don- the second one's okay. I didn't even see the second. Didn't WanNa ruin the first one. I liked knighted museum but it's really judging by the weeks. I thought there's something about. Mary had a bigger influence on Chris. No question number five. What actor covered the insurance bond for Downey's so he could return to films after Rehab should pay more attention while writing this all right pencils down question number one? What Superhero does he play? Everybody and I am man question number two for which film but Robert Downey junior earn his first Academy Award Nominations Sabrina. It's still put tropic thunder because I thought maybe it was a trick question Laura. I A famous movie. Oh did you. Did you see the sequel? Ao GotTa let go all right. That's what I meant. The chaplain chaplain is occur. Wrecked never gets to number three. Who I was like man with Chaplain. I was like I want us to cover the.

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