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Governor Pritzker is sending the National Guard to Chicago Tuesday ahead of a verdict in the trial of Derrick Show Vin WGN's done clip in reports, a state news release says 125 guards, men and women will help with street closures and not interfere with protests. The deployment of the guards to Chicago was at the request of Mayor Lori Lightfoot. The governor has also directed Illinois State police to age Chicago police with additional troops, though the news release did not specify how many troopers will be helping Children is the former Minneapolis police officer who's charged with the death of George Floyd was killed. Last summer sparked protests in Chicago and across the country. Don club in WGN News Mayor Lori Lightfoot address the rumors about her stepping down over the weekend today, calling them salaciousness false. May relate her conversation that she had with her 13 year old daughter, who was included in some of the rumors, she said. Her people so stupid. And mean. Yes. Unfortunately, Honey, there are stupid and mean people out there. Luckily, not the majority, but somewhere Community activists, Jamelle Green told WGN Zenit of want is that he regrets tweeting the rumors. He later took those posts down. But he's also critical of Mayor Lightfoot's response on Twitter yesterday, should have definitely just been a statement addressing that the room was with Paul Stine that she's going to do better tol eat the city, but Another day that what she is right about is that we all must put our hands together and really start to do better for our city. The mayor's tweet yesterday started with good morning from my mansion, a reference to a rumor over the summer about her leaving Logan Square and buying a mansion. The Senate will vote this week on an Asian American hate crimes bill, your Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, There has been a.

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