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Prediction of saying good thing that's right at Oliver's a Buffalo Bill I disagree with this one I don't know a god yeah I I don't think buffalo is having a winning season I know Josh Allen did some intriguing things as a one year Kay I mean that's if he takes a big leap this year then it could happen but I'm I'm with you I think it's unlikely yeah I mean just saying a winning season so can buffalo be nine and seven they were nine and seven two years ago under Sean McDermott with Tyrod Taylor quarterback so could they do it again yeah I suppose they could I mean they just need to get to nine wins to fulfill Cecil's prediction I just don't think they're gonna get tonight I I can't trust the quarterback who's got a you know a fifty five percent completion percentage type of arm and that's what Josh Allen has god yeah here is a you said it might Meltzer here is Cecil shorts is number two prediction get excited Texan vans if the receiver is the Texas stay healthy they will have three thousand yard receivers and will fuller the I. Jerry Hopkins and Kiki could see I'm I'm I just want to double down on that I rich so we say three thousand yard three one thousand yard receivers and this is my first reaction was my god that's a lot like how many times has that happened I was yeah well I I ask myself I'm I'm sitting there listening to them this morning like has that been done before like a seasonal predicting something has never been done the greatest show on turf produce that if they didn't but five teams half and the first one was and I'll go through them very quickly nineteen eighty the San Diego Chargers Air Corps yell sure Kellen Winslow John Jefferson Charlie joiner all over a thousand yards a nineteen eighty nine the year after they won the Superbowl with Doug Williams a quarterback with mark ripping a quarterback the red skins and me though he Sanders the Smurfs right yeah with avis Mercer within a fun bunch I can't remember whom the Smurfs the wrong guys all right art monk Ricky Sanders Kerry Clark yes really Sanders former Houston gamblers right that's right nineteen ninety five Atlanta Falcons June Jones on the run and shoot Eric Metcalf Terrence Mathis bird Emmanuel Jeff George at the controls I think it was a Jeff George joint that year yeah Eric Metcalf Terrence Mathis and bird a manual two thousand four Indianapolis Colts Peyton manning Marvin Harrison Reggie Wayne Brandon Stokley all over a thousand yards and then in two thousand eight the cardinal scene that at nine and seven made a run to the Superbowl Larry fitzgerald and Kwan Bolden and Steve Breaston so the ones that are going to learn the other I mean that to me the ones that are gonna look if the Texans are gonna do this the one that it's gonna look most similar to probably maybe even unfortunately are probably the teams that did it but they were hovering around five hundred like the red skins the falcons or the cardinals who made the Superbowl but they were nine and seven that you're Mike Melcher brought this up on the heels of this production and I tend to agree if the Texans are throwing for that many yards this year it probably be probably means the record is not that good because it means they're throwing the football all over the yard and we know what about bill o'brien rich he wants to run the football right as much as any coach in the NFL this is definitely a a prediction that could happen this could absolutely be a reality I mean this helps the only thing holding back from it's the biggest thing holding them back it's also obviously he that this offense of line is better than maybe we think it's going to be and it I it's also key that the on tape for awhile health right down the foreman stays healthy and provide some quality depth in the backfield that's gonna help a lot all right the last prediction from Cecil shorts on mad radio this morning was this Todd Gurley we'll not have a thousand our motion to seize and then that hurts me because he was my number one pick in fantasy football last year yeah bond is worried about his knee his niece scares the living crap out of me the way to LA around handed it last year kind of in a secret way worries me as well I'm with them isn't it all and it hasn't been diagnosed as an arthritic knee it is I it doesn't get better I can tell you from personal experience I agree with this one I'm staying away from Todd Gurley for fantasy they drafted the Henderson kid out of Memphis with somebody I wanted the Texans to draft in the third round this year that is a good running back I think I think girly is either gonna be banged up or find his way into acquires I committee this year that's gonna bring his numbers jolly CJ Anderson did a pretty nice job filling in for him he did he had the benefit of having fresh legs compared everybody else in the field design in December he was also fat those that cancels out the first blacks but he was kind of the James Connor of the west coast he he.

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