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I'm going to. It will backfire even if even if the wanted to leave The supreme court this term. He's not gonna wanna be perceived as having given into pressure. I know him. He's not the kinda guy who's gonna say. I'm gonna leave office as the result of pressure of some academics. Want me to leave. In order to serve their own political interests so a it's going to backfire. Beats age discrimination. See it politicized the supreme court and it tells us what's wrong with the hard left today. They see everything politically. There's no such thing as an institution that's above politics. They want to politicize the supreme court. Even more i hope that justice. Brian will resist. It will stay on the supreme court as long as his health permits them to stay on the supreme court. Look queen. elizabeth is what. How old is she now. and she's still raining. You know pokes until they die The framers of the constitution said that the supreme court justices should sit during good behavior. Look you wanna have term limits For supreme court justices change the constitution. But don't put pressure on a sitting justice To to retire in order to achieve your political goals. And you know people to this day are still condemning ruth bader ginsburg because she didn't retire and allow her replacement to be made by a by a democrat and she was replaced by a republican. But you know. She served her term. She she served until the good lord took her and that's the way the constitution was intended to operate. Are these other. Democrats still threatening the supreme court justices. You don't vote the right way or is that going. Well we know that Majority leader schommer stood in front of the supreme court of the united states and threatened. Yeah and That's not the first time it's happened. That happened back in the nineteen thirties when president roosevelt threatened to pack the court and he was rebuffed. I think that president biden is smarter than that. I don't think he's gonna try to pack the court at least not the supreme court. He may try to pack the lower courts but all presidents. try to do that But i don't think we're gonna see court backing. I don't think you're gonna get fifty Senators supporting that. And i don't think you're gonna get the president signing onto that Some court rulings sweet Which can common. Yeah there's some very important ones i i think. The supreme court put the rest the obama healthcare and what they basically said is look too. Many people have too much of a stake in the current obama. Healthcare insurance plan and for us up end ended and take people's insurance away. You need to have something a lot. Clearer constitutionally than what Applies here you know. There are some questions about the statute. There's doubts about it but the supreme court has found every reason now three times for say. Oh we're not gonna do this. We're not gonna offend this. This time they talk about standing.

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