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And everyone has like drive they have eka they have comfort they have snow sports sports plus but you guys decided to go with a different way of naming your driving in modes that you can turn the julia and onto down you sure which called dna and so we have deeper dynamic and for natural egg for vance efficiency but it's also a play on you know really what ties this entire vehicle together is the i guess the the the bio mechanics that are the julia nor any alpha male that you drive you really feel like you're a part of the vehicle so when you're in demoted dynamic it is your most spirited driving mode it allows for a little more yawn the side little more lateral acceleration and this natural your middle of the road driving everyday driving an a for vance sufficiency if you want to have that as you put it the eco mode for saving on fuel economy but when you put it in d you really feel the vehicle come to life on the quadra folio version of the julia when you put it into race that's where the exhaust opens up all and you really here this thing starts bark oh yes and again as i said at the beginning of the show this is the only the only car that i actually made ryan sick and oh no it's the second car the other one was the what was it the gtc viper and it was out of bonder aunt so hot lapa someone and then knicks driving on top of which will make anybody sick so i may dr ryan sick twice i don't know you're the only one that's ever thrown up in car ryan that we had to pull out with three times ryan to throw out of the car vehicle this car will make you throw up after being a passenger in it well you know it's one of my favorite it was my car of the couple of years ago i will i'll stick by that and by the way if you'd like ryan said if you have any spare ones just feel free we'll do a year loan if you're if you're happy to do that we should throw on your way like this guy ben lyon from alfa romeo thanks for joining us when we return more on cars and.

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