Nuclear Weapons, Obama Administration, Saudi Arabia discussed on Rush Week in Review


And severe weather coverage hi welcome back rush limbaugh doing what i was born to do and that's why i'm having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have of evident live sound bite number fourteen such trump over the weekend trust me on this don't doubt me the trump administration is going to do everything it can to deny the iranians nuclear weapons they're going to do everything they can't even though the obama administration struck a deal that leads to that very thing the saudis if you don't know our arch enemies with the iranians it sunni versus shia islam number one number two the iranians our roads are not arabs for saver persians both nations have extremist sects in saudi arabia wahhabism in in iran is just flat out run it just flat out over terrorism statesponsored all over the world so saudi arabia has a radical imams that engage in this as well and the saudi royal family a runs the grand mosque at at mecca and so forth saw their hands are not clean and so forth this is this is an example of you need to make friends with nations that are not perfect and do not necessarily reflect the every value you have ended all is based on exigent circumstances at a particular place in time uh obama of course josey iran and here grab audio sound bite number fourteen this i never forget how it fury in it i was when i first heard in the middle of the cold war.

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