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The headline was you know, talks abruptly end. I let out of a breath of relief. It's twenty I woke up into in the morning to and and the TV was on. And there he was doing press calm. It was pretty scary. I wrote a wrote a post it's going to go up on my blog and two minutes when we hang up which is about it's not really being about Trump. It was Rokon introduced the resolution with a bunch of really good progressive calling for a formal end to the Korean war. And hoping that Trump would, you know, follow his advice and do it. And then then, you know, by the by the time, I finished writing it. I realized I had to put put the put thing in about why Trump failed in in Hanoi. Why that why that went so badly? Well, row Kana also was in on another Bill that was introduced today. It was ro Khanna and Barbara Lee in the house. Cory Booker in the Senate introduced the marijuana Justice acts of two thousand nineteen to remove marijuana from controlled substances act. So. It wouldn't be you know. That's the house version in the Senate version that went in today that was introduced by Cory Booker right with a co sponsored by Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, and what's your name from Cal Kamala Harris, so they're they're all behind it. But the thing is is that it was it was introduced into the Senate last year, and and maternal refused to let it revoted on. Well, and that's always the dangerous. Why we need to take back the Senate with that. We are at the end of another shell Howie Klein, it has always a pleasure. We'll keep an eye out on Sunday. And we'll be thinking of you. Thanks, howie. Okay of your first. Right. Thanks. See you tomorrow. Everyone Digby will be here to help us wrap up the week by..

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