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Yeah, I know in the newsroom today, way to jinx and Marty, let's see if they can get it done on the road all in other news President Biden heads to the UK today for his first overseas trip as president. The White House says President Biden's first trip overseas will be fun. Just on showing that democracy works, especially in the face of challenges posed by Russia and China. The president arrives in the United Kingdom today for the G seven Summit of World leaders will also visit Brussels, Belgium for a NATO summit. The trip ends with the high stakes meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland, next Wednesday. The G seven summit will be the first major in person gathering of world leaders since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. Karen Travers, ABC News Cornwall, England. Meantime, the president's urging senators to continue efforts to Bipartisan plan to fix the nation's infrastructure after his talks with Republicans have broken down. Biden ended his negotiations with the GOP after their latest offer fell short of his expectations. White House officials say the president spoke with a group of moderate senators and push them to develop a bipartisan infrastructure plan initially sought over $2 trillion in spending. But through the negotiations, the president now says he would accept something closer to one trillion. The Douglas County sheriff's office is searching for a 40 year old woman who is missing and considered endangered. That woman only identified as Ashley. She was last spotted around Broadway in Highlands Ranch Parkway Yesterday afternoon, the woman was wearing maroon leggings, a great Is it putty and white tennis shoes actually does have developmental disabilities. She could also be wearing a white snow Beanie if you spot her called the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. Chat Hoffman K. AWAY NEWS Radio SAN Jose, California Mom has been arrested at a Denver hotel for the murder of her son. The body of seven year old Liam Houston was found last month outside Las Vegas. We have detectives that are On the ground right now conducting interviews with her and again, that's ongoing, so some of that information could come out as a result of those lieutenant race. Spencer the Las Vegas Police Department, Samantha Moreno Rodriguez was with someone in Denver at the time of her arrest, but police say that person is not a suspect in the boy's death. Americans are apparently split nearly down the middle on whether employers should require covid vaccinations before workers can come back to the workplace. According to the latest Axios episodes Coronavirus Index poll 52% of Americans say they support requiring proof of vaccination to return to work. While 48% were opposed to the country's largest companies. Mandatory vaccinations would protect service workers and lower the anxiety for returning office employees that includes those who have been vaccinated but may be reluctant to return without knowing whether they're called Leaks have customers are not obligated to share their vaccination status with the business who asks for it. But similarly, businesses are within their rights to refuse service to customers who won't abide by their protocols. I'm Mike Bauer, the CDC, making it easier for people vaccinated against coronavirus to travel again. A total of 62 destinations are no longer deemed very high risk for covid. That includes Japan, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain and Germany are now listed at level three. Those who haven't gotten a shot or still urged not to visit. The CBC also advises against all travel to level four countries such as well North Korea, Brazil, India, Haiti and Iraq. Long time host of the Bachelor franchise has exited the show over controversial comments dealing with race. Chris Harrison is stepping aside as host of the Bachelor franchise as the short statement from ABC and the Bachelor franchise producer Warner Horizon. They thank him and wish him well. In his own statement on Instagram, Harrison says it was an incredible run, and he's excited to start a new chapter. Harrison hosted the various dating shows since their debut in 2000 and two but earlier this year got in some trouble when he appeared to defend the past racist actions of a contestant. That's Jason Nathan, Son reporting and B. 52 fans now have the opportunity to buy their very own love shack. Kate Pierson of the B. 50 two's has listed her personal motel near Woodstock for 2.2 million bucks. Her website promises. It's just like stepping into the Love Shack music video. According to Airbnb, the rental offers 4800 square feet of living space, 13 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms. Photos show The house is filled with checkerboard vinyl flooring, three d polka dots on the spiral staircase and lots of bright colors. No truth to the rumor. They serve rock lobster there either. Oh, but in that good Hey, welcome. Am Yes, It's 57 here on Colorado's Morning news. You're up to date. We're going to check it again with BK on that tough, tough loss. For the Colorado Avalanche, but some great news for the Nuggets. We have the M V P and we'll check money. News of pad as well. Good morning, Dave Hunter. You're checking the drive Force what you've seen so far. Oh, I'm seeing clean and green highways. Majors in great shape. There's no big accident stalls issues whatsoever. I 25 quarter through the Denver metro area clean and green. Looking good. We also checked your drive as far as the Eisenhower Tunnel, No issues there. And as far as I 25 we expanded that search your clear all the way to Colorado Springs. If your travels today take it to Wyoming and the Cheyenne area. No issues. Also 70 eastbound all the way out to the Kansas border looks terrific from the bet. Fred Sports Traffic Car. There is one serious accident. As a result of his closed the intersection of Yale. Yale is closed that Warren Avenue until.

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