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Contains graphic subject matter and has meant for mature listeners. Only you can see why someone might have some sort of to go after a police officer but who goes after a a high performing student less than a year after thirty-three-year-old Jason Ellis's gunned down in the early morning hours just off the bluegrass parkway a brutal the violent crime rocks the community again just outside of the Bardstown city limits forty eight year old. Kathy Netherland doesn't show up for work. She's a special education teacher at Bardstown elementary and the mother of two daughters. Her teenage daughter is also absent from school. Neither mother other or daughter could be painted as you know doing sketchy things in hanging out with the wrong people the mother was very respected very very well liked by her students. Kathy's father goes to check on her. What he discovers is a scene of horror. I think I read in the report says Oh the daughter Skull was smashed in. Maybe there was something emotional in there that would cause a person to be more violent more brutal but I think it was sending some sort of a statement and the fact that they died so gruesomely the fact that that kind of thing could happen right here in this area. It shocked a lot of people I hope no other family ever has to stand outside their loved ones how knowing that their sister fister and their needs are lying dead inside just steps away but completely unreachable. I'm Shay mcallister allaster this his bardstown not a lot of details have been given out about the Netherlands murder case over the years and no one seems to know a law so shea were and Bardstown and I covered the Jason Ellis KS this pretty extensively back in two thousand thirteen. Can you kind of catch me up like where things have gone and what's happened. Since since Jason was ambushed yeah definitely so of course the Netherlands family was murdered violently eighty one year later April two thousand fourteen and that was a mother daughter mother and daughter and mother was so well known she was a widow she had another daughter she lost her husband years earlier and she was a teacher at a local school and everybody just loved her so that was devastating into the community and the death was so violent it was. I mean stabbed multiple times. There's a lot of parts of that there. They were hard for people to listen to an in their home own home in their own home and it was there there is it wasn't burglarize. There's nothing missing. If I understand yeah I mean it's been tricky because it is one of so many unsolved cases of course they can't point the finger at exactly actly. Who did it but there are strange things about it like that that they didn't think it was a robbery? They thought it would be personal someone new on which was hard to hear to two. Why would someone go in there and kill this woman who was so loved in this community and her daughter so that one was it was hard. One Year Rafter Jason Alice Blogger Richard Caldwell lives in the next town over and thinks whoever killed the mother and daughter didn't know them but it was someone one sending a message these are his personal theories and not from the official investigation but as with all of the cases in Bardstown Richards theories series paint a bigger picture town looking for answers where there are none. The official story was that it was a random act that someone just burst burst into their home and murdered this woman and her daughter while not stealing anything their purses were still there untouched no valuables. The money was still there. Nothing was taken from the scene. I think that either the mother or the daughter just happened to be at the wrong wrong place at the wrong time and it followed them home. There's no way to prove that though and even with all the official investigations into what happens happens you know no motives established because there's never been any actual suspects charged in their murders. I think it was someone maybe miss misusing or abusing whatever power they had in the moment to guarantee that you know whatever they saw or a her wouldn't be shared with others. What we do know is that forty eight year old Kathy Netherland and her sixteen year old daughter Samantha were tortured and murdered inside their modest home on April twenty first two thousand fourteen Cathy was shot several times and Samantha was stabbed opt unbeaten on her head. Both of their necks were slashed. early on police say they aren't ruling this out as a personal attack doc and the Kentucky Standard reported that much of the killers attention seemed to be aimed towards Samantha Trooper Scott Sharp with the Kentucky State Police interviewed neighbors. Where's that day and learn who Kathy and Samantha were but not much else that spring morning he drives highway one fifty to their White House topped with the the metal roof just outside the Bardstown city limits in Butlin with The Netherlands. You said you did a lot of interviews in the neighborhood. What was the consensus of of some of those folks everybody we talked to in in those areas this if they didn't if they did know Kathy and Somme that they you know just talk so holly. How good a people they are? it goes back to your earlier question and just what kind of people that were. They were good people very good people. No one saw anything not knowing that would still be part of the miss gave him Kathy was a special education teacher at Bardstown town elementary a photo of her on facebook with another teacher. At school shows the light-hearted side of the mother of two the Brunette holds up a peace sign with her fingers nails painted bright green while wearing a green shirt adorned with shamrock pens a green sequined bow tie several layers of colorful beads around her neck and a tiny green feathered cap on her head. It's Saint Patrick's Day. Samantha was a sophomore at Bardstown high school. In fact she had just about her prom dress. It's strapless in navy blue with sequence wrapped around the waist and ruffles strip just across her knees. The strawberry blonde eighteen smiles posing snapshot in her new dress she was in the school choir on the academic team and the High Schools Young Leaders Program mm-hmm she had also just been accepted into the Garden Academy Program with Western Kentucky University. Those were members of Parkway Baptist Church and just a year earlier. Kathy lost her husband to a battle with cancer. I don't see how it could have been anyone. They knew because they were typical. Good people small town full go to church every Sunday I can't imagine either of them a sorting with with the the sort of people all who would be capable of that kind of thing but the detail about their cases out to me was the fact that that nothing from their home was taken that there was no evidence of breaking and whoever it was was allowed into the home newspaper editor Forest Berkshire Remembers Covering Their Your Story for the Kentucky Standard Forest takes us pass the newsroom and a squawking dispatch alerting reporters crimes happening in real time he walks us back to it was office. I was out in Bodoland which is just right outside of Bardstown there. The call came in the morning. We heard it over the scanner and it was a little details. We're a little foggy at that time. We run out there. and by the time we got there. Kentucky State Police were there and we started hearing the the name Netherland Orland and then one of my reporters at the time calls me and it's like hey yeah we're hearing that Samantha Netherland. I just did a story on her a week earlier about her being accepted to get an academy. The GATT academy is a very prestigious school stem school on the campus of Western Kentucky University very selective selective all and sure enough it was her Samantha and Kathy everyone who said that they had no enemies that there's no idea how something like this would happen is a very violent very brutal murder. Specially against the daughter Samantha from experts that we've talked to and that others have talked to have said that you know the majority of the violence was directed toward Samantha as if it was someone who's angry and by all everyone said Cathy was a very warm and engaging special education teacher who could have that bottle and have almost feel.

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