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Should we do zaki in the Cox plate and incentivize? I'm not backing talking. The Cox played over. I said this after his first win in Melbourne when he went down there and he won. I said, I didn't like that. Look, this is just me looking at the television. I don't confess to anyone. I don't want to upset anyone, but he looked a little bit short these action to me that first run. And he came out and got beaten. And I've got a sneaky suspicion, and that's all of these. Again, I don't want to put anyone else out of joy. I promise you, I was just looking at it from a phone perspective from all the things I do. I just got a sneaky suspicion this also doesn't go left handed that well. Old informed pride in Australia was right handed. If he comes out and throws me wrong, right? That's absolutely fine, but I could not go near him for the Cox played even if he was a bigger price than what he's a moment. I don't like that run the other day. I blame it on pace, but I wouldn't be blamed on Facebook. I just think it was disappointing. I really do. And even the win the start before, I was wondering, I went wow. I wouldn't be back in this course for the Coldplay. If you're watching over the last four months, it looks like last furlong, it looked like it was short striding. I wouldn't go near my I think the three year old enema, I don't like to draw a strong ten out of ten. If you drawn in the middle, but I think he's a very good three year old. I don't think it's a great renewal of the race. He's got no wife on these back pain that's three year old and provided he can slot into a spot from that wide drawer. I think he could be the one. And also, what's the name of the Joseph O'Brien horse? The one in America, I'm struck a state of rest. So the Brits, thank you. I was on stage side that night. And I know a God helps us be ones that Cox played or they'll be jumping out of place to bank the Australian form. But I tell you something, that went in America and I know the opposition are less but why couldn't he should? A nice Turner put that on I did. I think he might be host very much on the opera. It wouldn't surprise me if he runs a hell of a race as well. And as I said, if he wins it, there'll be no overhead. I'll be saying, well, listen to the horses come in the cocks play. But I think I know he's no superstar over here, but I think he might be a bit better than what we've seen over here so far. And, you know, with Joseph O'Brien, as we know, where he knows what it takes to win these sort of races. He ain't going to send down a horse down there that he doesn't believe anyways, the chance of winning it. There's no way he would send it. I think he could run you a bit of a race of the process. He's 9s, John Allen on board, John stall 8 and sold. So if he runs that run in America and again, I know the opposition look I know the form of America and I'm a fair bit about American racing, but I'm telling you now he won that he was in his own race that night. And I just thought, wow, that's, you know, I don't know if racing posted a great job and then look at the ratings for the race. But if that's not his best run today, I'd be very surprised. I thought he'd look good. It's just he's trying to foot was so impressive yeah. And he could be a player as well. But personally, I would not go near his Archie in the race. And I hope that I'm putting him on the way there. But I don't like what I've seen in my last two starts. Zakis or pure is one 29, although I want to mention instantly reuter argues. But zakis is that do you want to know what animals, the dolphin horse the coming source, we Craig Williams? Do you want to know what his or pure is? Yep, go ahead. One four one. Never looking sure. Is RPO is one four one two 7 one. One one four, is it? One four one. Number ten, captivated one 40 gold trip one 29 zachi one 29. So let's unless someone's messed up. Yeah, I think so, I think he's writing would be like so I don't know what he's writing is at the moment, but I think he's a very good three year old he was unlucky in the golden slipper last year. He's got often horse. So he's got the pedigrees by street bus. A three year old's list of three year olds one well, when I say lesser horses of three year olds have come with a lesser reputation at the same stage of the career won the race. They get a big weight allowance. I'm trying to remember what it is off the top of my head and I don't want to say in case I'm wrong. But he's like you carry for our perspective. He'll carry 7 stone 11 compared to zaki is gonna be carrying 9 stone four. Yeah, and he arrives at having one over the mile last time. Look, and that was the caulfield Guinea. This will be the first time he steps up with this other trapez never been beyond the mile before. In fact, he's only had one side of the model, but I do think he'll run the trip out. He just looks a very exciting horse. And I think given it's an English disappointing last time out three elegant who's normally. She could bounce back, but she was disappointing last time. Now, the other one is probability, actually, he beats up your last time. She's a pretty good affiliate, a pretty good mayor I should say, she'd be another one. I'd put into the mix. Joseph, Brian, won a probability of an animal would probably be my three. It wouldn't shock me at very elegant bounce back, but I've always kind of thought I don't know if the Cox plate really suits her. Look, I was supposed to find out. But you know, she's obviously a good man. She said those battles would have Dave. She's mostly come off second best, but she did beat him earlier in the year..

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