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False start offense number 52 to 5 yard penalty so third down on the center Mason Cole, who they drafted in the third round a couple of years ago out of Michigan. He had two false starts alone last week in there Game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and he false started there before he snapped the ball. So now it's 13 11. Or Arizona. They commit more penalties than any team in the NFL 7.5 a game 10, and that's part of the issue with a lime and they all want to activate when they see a defensive lineman jump. But if the defensive lineman flinches and jumps and doesn't cross into the neutral zone, they activate full start bad Sankey Juan Williams being carted back into the 40 Niner locker room. It's just been one of those years. There's so many great players unable to play third down at 11 40 Niners Twist the front, Marie throws out right to Drake and his like tackled there by drag Greenlaw, who's all over the field today. Now we'll see what Kingsbury does. The field goal would be long here. What he front the ball that would he go forward on fourth down and long. Couple things on this play. I think it's a really good push by the four man rush, and it's good coverage down the field. So calamari just wants to unload it to that. Check down but Dre Greenlaw in open spaces. Very sure and physical tackler. They're gonna pawn it. It went. Okay. Andy Lee, he threw a pass on 1/4 and two and a different situation. The game last week was a brilliant past. He's a great partner is, you know And the end over end Zit River Craig Craft will step up. Not a great fun here by Andy Leah's Craig Craft came up to the 15 yard line to fair catch that so not not a great effort, only a 24 yard front. From Andy Lee and the 40. Niners will have a good drive start when we come back to state Farm defense, playing great CJ Beth a touchdown pass to Jeff Wilson Jr and the 40 Niners were 12 06 to play in the first half lead the Cardinals 73 on the U. S Bank. 40 Niners radio network football brings people together from all walks of life as one of the 40 Niners faithful. That means we're all rooting for the same team as the official healthcare partner of the San Francisco 40..

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