NRA, South Carolina, Democratic Party discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


Is reporting some people go and scream about gun control sitting about more laws this is about a family that didn't do their job properly and more and more information is going to come out about this guy more and more information about exactly what the family was well what they were thinking or or better better yet what they weren't thinking if we don't immediately get into a conversation about mental illness from this then my goodness gracious and and and talking about how we deal with it i that would be more than i can have if if america let's this just go by the wayside and allows these gun grabbers just to make this about a hate the nra our conversation then you'll know for sure you'll know for sure what they're interested in it's not about people's health and then there's this from james clyburn james clyburn is a democrat from south carolina and james clyburn has in many different ways discuss the fact that the leadership of the democratic party is very old and very white and when people challenge for leadership of the democratic party they got shut down by nancy pelosi and steny hoyer and so what he told politico over a friday there over the weekend is if the midterms come and go and we're still in the minority all of us have got to go he's not talking about all the democrats he's talking about democratic leadership so james clyburn is now put out basically the gauntlet or as laid down the gauntlet or something with a gauntlet i'm pretty sure that evade on at least win the house never mind the senate then at least win the house then there's no purpose to having this democratic leadership everyone's gotta leave a new blood has to come in i don't think that nancy pelosi sees it that way i i really ensure down i'm pretty sure that nancy pelosi sees it much much differently but resist we much we must and we will much about that be committed.

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